SEO Clinic Episode II: Hands-on Landing Page Optimization Tips

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Oct 29, 20214 min read
SEO Clinic Episode II: Hands-on Landing Page Optimization Tips

With plenty of information out there about the best ways to optimize your landing pages for improved conversions and rankings, we thought that most of the content lacks one thing — clear-cut insights based on real-world cases. 

This is what the second episode of our “SEO Clinic” series is dedicated to. We invited 5 SEO and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) experts to offer their recommendations on how a selected site can work on its landing pages’ performance to boost both rankings and conversions. 

Watch the videos below to learn how to:

  1. Prioritize your landing page optimization efforts.
  2. Spot the biggest issues that prevent users from converting.
  3. Use branding and copywriting to improve your trustworthiness and authority.
  4. Make on-page changes that improve user experience and engagement.

About the Site

Type Studio is a Berlin-based company that offers solutions for text-based video editing (transcription, subtitles, etc.) to their customers around the globe.

Their website has a few hundred webpages. They target English-speaking audiences, with the main focus being on the US.

Type Studio’s Organic Presence

Our experts got the following overview of the website’s organic performance using the Semrush toolkit:

  • 95% of Type Studio’s organic traffic is non-branded. The website is attracting organic visitors through almost 3,000 keywords, including highly competitive keywords like “video transcription”, “auto-translate”, and more.
  • Organic traffic to Type Studio’s website has presented a strong, positive trend since April 2021.

Overall, Type Studio is off to a good start, and their growing monthly traffic numbers only prove this. As they are clearly placing their bet on SEO, when it comes to organic visibility, the sky’s the limit. So our experts were set with a task to help them refine their efforts and maximize the performance of each landing page. 

Maximizing Your Landing Page Performance: 5 Approaches from 5 Top SEO and CRO Experts 

Armed with insights from Semrush, our five experts took a look at Type Studio’s website to give their suggestions on how they can improve their on-page and off-page strategy to trigger conversions.

From site health to page copy to email marketing, they covered some of the gaps that should be filled out for impactful results.

#1. Fixing Conversion Rate: How to Find Out What's Wrong by Brian Massey, Conversion Scientist at Conversion Sciences

Brian Massey takes a thorough review of everything from Type Studio’s website to their post-sign-up email nurturing process to highlight the most crucial spaces for improvement.

Watch Brian talk about how to:

  • Use Semrush’s Organic Research tool to prioritize your landing page optimization efforts.
  • Ensure that the content on the page caters to the needs of users who have landed on it via a specific search query.
  • Uses navigation efficiently to reinforce your value proposition and display your range of products and services.
  • Build a visual hierarchy via color and design to help users focus on calls-to-action.
  • Minimize last step drop-offs by optimizing the sign-up page.
  • Optimize the customer nurturing process through email marketing.

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Connect with Brian Massey via  Conversion Sciences website. 

#2. How to Use Branding and Competitive Insights for Better SEO and CRO by Christina LeVasseur, SEO Consultant at MediaSesh

Watch Christina LeVasseur make a quick run through Type Studio’s and its competitors’ sites to take inspiration for making tweaks that can have a great impact on the user experience.

With Christina’s video, you will learn how to:

  • Make engagement points — calls-to-action, links to other pages, etc. — more noticeable with the use of text colors changes, underlines, etc.
  • Leverage the full power of visuals to help users distinguish between the services.
  • Build a consistent user experience and deliver the right message through copy and design elements.
  • Use the Site Audit tool to discover quick-win opportunities and improve site-wide accessibility for both bots and users.

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Connect with Christina LeVasseur on Twitter.

#3. How Your Landing Page Can Convey Reliability and Authority by Andrew Optimisey, Owner at Optimisey

One of the most important aspects of any webpage is to show users that they are dealing with a reliable and authoritative solution. This is what Andrew Optimisey talks about in his video, giving advice on how to:

  • Minimize your efforts to get maximum impact by choosing the best pages for optimization.
  • Repackage the messaging from simply listing functional features to selling the problem and solution.
  • Be more convincing and reliable by paying attention to detail.
  • Get rid of discrepancies across the site and avoid using a mixed tone of voice.
  • Ensure better UX across different browsers and devices testing your site on various browsers/devices.

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Connect with Andrew Optimisey on Twitter.

​​#4. Improving User Experience with Better Site Navigation by Gerry White, SEO Director at Rise at Seven

Gerry White underlines key website issues that affect user experience and can have a negative impact on conversions.

Gerry discusses how Type Studio can get rid of conversion-hindering elements:

  • Review pages that target similar keywords.
  • Use the Site Audit tool to check if user experience is affected by broken links and missing pages.
  • Add links to FAQ schema to encourage users to click through the SERPs.
  • Improve internal linking by using the cluster and pillar page model where all the pages that target related keywords/topics link back to the main page ( the pillar page).

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Connect with Gerry White on Twitter.

#5. Fine-Tuning Landing Page Content for SEO Success by Mordy Oberstein, Head of Communications at Semrush

Mordy Oberstein demonstrates how a thorough content review can uncover issues with a landing page’s content that are potentially affecting its performance. 

Mordy’ analyzes how to:

  • Use natural language to tackle target keywords and to engage readers.
  • Showcase your solutions by communicating what the product/feature does and who it is for.
  • Use storytelling and visuals to showcase your product’s/service’s functional features in a more inspiring way.
  •  Leverage the Topic Research tool to create content that addresses the users’ real questions and pain points.
  • Utilize the Organic Research tool to gain access to your competitors’ keyword portfolios.

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Connect with Mordy Oberstein on Twitter.

Over to You

Our experts’ advice offers some food for thought however every brand, website and offering is different, which means you shouldn’t adopt these blindly. 

If you want to learn more about increasing conversions and improving your landing pages’ performance, these posts may be of interest to you:

*Disclaimer: All the SEO & CRO tips shared by our experts should only be considered as suggestions. Each site is different and operates in a different industry and competitive environment, so you cannot simply follow these recommendations without taking a tailored approach to digital strategy

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