Semrush SEO Reality Show! Agency Secrets Revealed via Repeatable Case Studies

Anna Kochegura

Sep 07, 20212 min read


Marketers, have you ever wanted a behind-the-scenes look at how professionals within digital marketing agencies help clients improve their site and content for SEO?

In a series we’re calling the “Semrush Reality Show,” we provide you with a unique, behind-the-scenes perspective into this very process. 

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How the Semrush SEO Reality Show Works

  1. Semrush selects small businesses with concrete marketing challenges and partners them with a digital marketing agency. Semrush pays for the agency’s fees for 6 months. 
  2. During the duration of the Reality Show, both parties are given access to Semrush’s top-level subscription plan. 
  3. The agency is tasked with providing effective SEO and content optimization services within a modest marketing budget, effective and step-by-step SEO tactics that other businesses or agencies can repeat for themselves. 
  4. As the agency creates their optimization strategy and implements SEO tactics for the business, Semrush shares their approach with you in the format of detailed blog posts. Some of the blog posts are accompanied by video interviews with key players of the project.
  5. The goal of this SEO Reality Show is to share optimization steps followed by the professionals that marketers can follow for their business or agency.

Case Studies of Completed SEO Reality Show Collaborations 

Since kicking off the SEO Reality Show at the end of 2020, we’ve been able to create two case studies showcasing the objective(s) that the agency and their client were focused on, the solutions the agency came up with to meet those goals, the strategies and tactics that they implemented and the results they drove. 

1. Case Study: Boosting US trucking company driver’s recruitment 

Timeline: December 2020–March 2021

The Client:  Halvor Lines

Tha Agency:  Aimclear

The Assignment: Recruit more drivers.

The Solution: Beat online competitors.

The Results: Increased driver applicants from organic efforts by 61%. 


2. Case Study: Increasing UK global classroom community organic traffic

Timeline: April 2021–June 2021

The Client:  Learning with Experts

Tha Agency:  Re:Signal

The Assignment: Increase organic traffic.

The Solution: Optimize category pages and create new content.

The Results: Increased organic traffic by 59,5%.


Current SEO Reality Show Spotlight

Starting June 2021, one of our partner agencies began working with an artisan bakery from Florida. We’ve been following their work together and sharing their strategies with you in a series of blog posts. As the agency’s optimizations for their client have only recently been implemented, we’ll circle back about the results from their work at a later date.

The Client:  Edelweiss Bakery

Tha Agency:  Why SEO Serious

The Assignment: Increase online visibility.

The Solution: Focus on 8 SEO optimization areas.

The Results: In progress.

Read our story with the bakery starting from Episode 1.

Follow the Semrush SEO Reality Show series and discover more real-world examples of what’s possible when talented marketers deploy powerful SEO tools, in collaboration with clients who are willing to change the way they market!

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