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Quickly roll out your business info

Local citations are one of the most valuable parts of a solid local SEO strategy, but can you be sure your business profile is accurate across all the major online platforms and directories? A local search engine optimization service like Semrush’s Listing Management tool guarantees your local listings are where they need to be and optimized to boost your local SEO rankings.

Distribute business profiles fast

Local citations put your company in front of thousands of people actively looking for your products and services, as well as improving local rankings.
Trust Semrush’s local citation service to distribute your business to the highest-authority directories and save time on manually uploading your details to dozens of websites.
Include your logo, location photos, website, social accounts, opening hours… and get your business in front of potential customers today!
Submitting to the important directories one by one leaves a lot of room for mistakes that can not only lose you business, but also negatively impact your local SEO.
A screengrab of Semrush’s local citation service in action.

Update your info across all directories

Distributing your profile everywhere it needs to be is one thing, but making sure everything is up to date, correct, and that there are no duplicates is another job entirely.
Inconsistencies in your citations are confusing for the people trying to connect with your business, as well as for search engines attempting to validate your information, like Google.
But identifying errors without a local citation service means manually checking dozens of profiles regularly, which is impractical for most businesses.
Semrush’s Listing Management tool can identify problems automatically—and sort them out in seconds!
A screengrab of Semrush’s local citation service editing interface

Discover huge local citation opportunities

Missing out on even one important directory could leave a lot of valuable traffic (and profits) on the table.
Of course, it’s not hard to check the obvious platforms like Google Business Profile and Yell, but are you aware of all the other directories in your area getting hundreds of thousands of monthly visits?
The peace of mind you get from knowing there are no holes in your local citation coverage and that any potential client will be able to find you no matter where they search is priceless.
Semrush’s Listing Management tool audits your location and alerts you to top sites where your business needs to be present, something only the best local citation services can do for you.
A screengrab of Semrush’s Listing Management tool showing directories where listings aren’t present.

Get more traffic and boost rankings

Not everyone uses Google Maps to search for local businesses. While the search engine giant is usually the main focus for local SEOs, there are plenty of other popular directories people trust to give them up-to-date information on products and services in their area.
With a complete profile, you can expect to earn yourself a share of all that traffic and see a boost in relevant users walking through your doors.
On top of bringing you more website and foot traffic, well-managed local citations also work to improve the position of your business in Google’s local pack.
Semrush’s local citation services check that NAP data across all directories are properly distributed and current, so you can rest assured you’ve done everything you can for what has been confirmed by Google as an important ranking factor.
A screengrab of Semrush’s local citations service Heatmap feature
Semrush Local is the ultimate solution for your local SEO strategy.
Local citation scan
  • Audit five locations per day.
  • See your status in the top directories.
  • Check your average rating for all reviews.
Basic Location
    All Free features plus:
  • Distribute business information to 70+ listings.
  • Suppress duplicates.
  • Consult user suggestions.
  • Track local rankings.
  • Manage your reviews.
  • Optimize for voice search.
Premium Location
    All Basic features plus:
  • Track your positions in Google Maps with Heatmap.
  • Respond to reviews directly from the interface.
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Semrush Listing Management offers huge value, not just in results, but in terms of saving money and time as well.


Preston Powell
Chief Marketing Officer at WebServ

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