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I'm in Love with a Tool, SEMrush Video Changelog, 04/29/2016
7 Reasons Why Mobile Optimization is More Effective Than Responsive Design
5 Unsexy Industries Doing Great Content Marketing
Search engine optimization for e-commerce websites may seem like a real challenge. Online stores have some peculiarities that make them different from other websites. This means that, when optimizing your e-commerce website, you can’t always follow the same best practices that are applicable to blogs or informational sites.Some basics like unique and helpful content, user-friendly site navigation and social share-buttons will work for online stores as well.
Many users know SEMrush for our reliable data for SEO and PPC reports. But many do not know about or take advantage of the powerful Projects Interface. When digital marketers conduct their work, they usually want to have reporting readily available for each website at the click of a button. Having your client’s information laid out in front of you all in one centralized place can become very advantageous.
Learn Inbound is one of the most insightful and fun SEO events on the planet! Learning without getting bored in a huge SEO party atmosphere with drinks and rock-and-roll is never a bad thing. The SEMrush team had a lot of fun at Learn Inbound last year and supported this year’s events, because we just can’t miss it! We were lucky enough to talk with Mark Scully, Co-Founder and Director of Learn Inbound, about Learn Inbound swag, community building and tips for event-planning beginners.
Why is content marketing so important? Why do expert marketers suggest using content marketing for both startups and well-established businesses? Content marketing is one of the best ways to generate quality leads and increase audience engagement, sales, and business growth. That's a fact. Here are seven brands who are successfully using modern rules of content marketing.
Many companies consider content marketing a good investment that pays off well, and helps to retain customers and win their loyalty. At the same time, there’s been so much talk and controversy over how to measure a company’s content marketing efforts and justify their expenses. We were very excited to have Lyndon Antcliff @lyndoman, author, speaker and content marketing coach, discuss the ROI of content marketing.
Justin Rondeau is the Director of Optimization at DigitalMarketer and runs all of the optimization efforts and split tests at DigitalMarketer and is active among our other properties. A top-rated domestic and international speaker, Rondeau has spent his entire career working on optimization campaigns and has helped train some of the leading optimization teams at Fortune 500 companies.
As a person who frequently comes into contact with all sorts of different entrepreneurs, I find myself in situations where I constantly have to explain just how much content marketing is really important for SEO. No matter how “boring” your industry or niche might be, there’s still enough meat on those bones to cook up a great content marketing stew. You just have to look at it from the right perspective. With these tips, you can rock both SEO and content marketing.
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