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27 Free (and Paid) Local Business Directories

For local businesses of all kinds, maintaining an online presence is key. If your local business listings are mismanaged, and there is different information in different places, it won‘t be very easy for users to find you. Therefore, it’s important to claim your profiles on business directories to keep them up-to-date. In this guide, we‘ll show you some top business directory sites and tell you how Semrush can help.
May 26, 2021
8 min read

How to Perform an SEO Audit in 18 Steps

Performing regular SEO audits to find and fix issues that could be holding back your site‘s organic search performance is critical for SEO. In this guide, we walk you through a step-by-step approach to undertake a simple, but effective, SEO audit and identify problems that you will need to prioritize to kickstart growth.
Dec 23, 2020
16 min read
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