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Position Tracking: Cannibalization Shall Not Pass

We’re happy to announce the new Cannibalization report in Position Tracking, which will protect you from any sort of undesired competition for your site pages. Read more… Check Keyword Cannibalization in SEMrush Position Tracking

Reach Your Target Customers with Audience Insights Research

Reaching your target customers effectively is a big part of marketing success. With Audience Insights, a new report in the SEMrush Traffic Analytics tool, you can pinpoint the most relevant media and connect with new users that none of your competitors has won over yet. Read more…SEMrush: Reach Your Target Customers with Audience Insights Research image 1

Marketplace: Now with Guest Posting Service

SEMrush’s widely acclaimed Content Marketplace has a new feature — Guest Posting Service, set to provide you with a number of quick benefits for your business. Just imagine a cascade of high-quality, natural links to your site, boosting your rankings and helping you get more organic traffic. Read more...Marketplace Guest Posting

Attract More Customers Online with Knowledge of Any Website’s Traffic Journey

If you’re wondering how to attract customers online at a lower cost and higher efficiency, we have great news for you. SEMrush Traffic Analytics can now outline the complete traffic journey for any website, be it that of your competitor, client, or prospect. Learn more...

SEMrush: Attract More Customers Online with Knowledge of Any Website’s Traffic Journey image 1

Keyword Research: All Recent Improvements and How They Work Together

We have devoted the last months to UX and UI by combining all keyword research tools into one ecosystem. Now we are pleased to inform you about how to better navigate around the tools while picking up keywords. Read more…

SEMrush keyword research tools in one ecosystem

Streamline Competitor Monitoring in Regional Markets and Business Niches

Competitor monitoring can be time-consuming — or effortless and accessible if you have an intelligent website competitor analysis tool at hand. SEMrush Market Explorer now has a solution for benchmarking positions in regional markets and monitoring your diverse product portfolio competitors more quickly and effectively. Read more…SEMrush: Streamline Competitor Monitoring in Regional Markets and Business Niches image 1

Competitive Research Solution for the Entire Company

Often, a company acquires a subscription for one of its specialists, but that specialist only uses a small percentage of the toolkit's full capacity. If this is the case for your company, why don't you and your colleagues share the subscription? We have developed a comprehensive Competitive Research Bundle for those who are ready to make the most of their SEMrush subscription. Read more...

SEMrush Competitive Research Bundle

Website vs Market: Compare Traffic Growth in a Click

We’re excited to present a new feature in SEMrush Market Explorer that allows you to broaden your range of opportunities when analyzing the competitive market, and also choose the best ways to promote your business. Read more...News banner

New Tool in the Social Media Family: The Social Media Ads

Our Social Media Toolkit is no longer just about posting and tracking. Now you can create and optimize your Facebook and Instagram ads with our brand-new Social Media Ads tool! Read more...News banner

New Site Audit Connector in Google Data Studio

Having data is extremely important for marketers. But are you visualizing your data in the right way? Such skills will allow you to unlock appraisable value for your business. That’s why the combination of Google Data Studio and SEMrush is exactly what you need. Read more...News banner