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Organic Traffic Insights: Find Potential Traffic Growth Points

Organic Traffic Insights, the tool developed to disclose ‘not provided’ keywords in Google Analytics, which drive traffic to your site, now helps you find potential traffic growth points and correct your SEO strategy. Read more...Organic Traffic Insights Find Potential Traffic Growth Points banner

SEMrush Sensor: UK, ES, DE & FR Databases

We are happy to extend the reach of SEMrush Sensor — a service that tracks the volatility of Google search results on a daily basis. By popular demand, we’ve added the databases you’ve asked us for the most — now Sensor monitors UK, ES, DE & FR desktop SERPs! Read more...SEMrush Sensor: UK, ES, DE & FR Databases banner

Site Audit: Complete HTTPS Implementation Report

We are happy to inform you that we’ve completed the HTTPS Implementation report in the Site Audit tool. Now you can get a broader picture of your site’s security state, if you are migrating it to HTTPS, or monitor your HTTPS performance. Read more...

Site Audit Complete HTTPS Implementation report banner

See How Your Rivals Use Your Target Keywords with SEO Content Template

SEO Content Template, a unique advice-giving tool for creating SEO-friendly content, now shows you how your rivals use your target keywords. Read more...SEO Content Template See how your rivals use your target keywords banner

Keyword Magic Tool: Subgroups and Group Volume

Keyword analytics is a science, which takes an effective research lab. We keep improving our Keyword Magic tool functionality according to your feedback. And here’s what we've prepared for you this time. Read more...

Keyword Magic Tool Subgroups and Group Volume banner

Keyword Magic Tool: Keyword Database Update

Get ready for a big acceleration! We’re launching new extended keyword databases in the Keyword Magic tool and you can now expect 2 times more keywords! Read more...

keyword magic tool keyword database update banner

Content Tool: New Keyword Databases

We’ve already received a ton of positive feedback on the Content tool, which continues to keep an eye on your content posted on external websites. It’s high time to trigger the sustained growth of our tool’s functionality! Read more...SEMrush: Content Tool: New Keyword Databases image 1

Social Media Tool: YouTube Report 2.0

YouTube has more than 1 billion users — almost one-third of all the people on the Internet — watching a billion hours of content every day. For a business that’s a huge potential audience. Read more...

Social Media Tool YouTube Report 2.0 banner

Brand Monitoring: A Few More Tricks

We’re always working on improving our tools’ functionality and are now all set to show you some new updates to the Brand Monitoring tool. Read more...

SEMrush: Brand Monitoring: A Few More Tricks image 1

Get into Google's Featured Snippets with SEO Ideas

With the recent update, SEO Ideas will provide you with an idea of how your landing page can get into a featured snippet, as well as give you detailed data on all the keywords and competitors that are already ranking in featured snippets, in case you want more in-depth analysis. Read more...

SEO Ideas Strategy ideas for getting into Featured Snippets banner

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