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Site Audit: Single Page Crawl Feature

We've recently introduced a major usability update to the Site Audit tool that allows users to re-crawl a select page of their website on the fly. Read more...

Email Analytics tool – Important Update

We would like to inform you of a few important changes made to the terms and conditions of Open Beta testing for our recent Email Analytics tool. Read more...

Email Analytics tool: Open Beta

Here's some game-changing news for all online marketers out there! We are excited to launch our revolutionary tool for email marketing competitive research into public beta!

Imagine how handy it would be to gain insight into your competitors' email marketing campaigns and learn how they interact with their prospects, or research the global email marketing industry and predict all of its trends. Or better yet — look through the best email creatives and CTAs and share them with your team with just one click. Enter SEMrush and our brand new Email Analytics tool! Read more...

Email Analytics open beta preview picture

SEO Ideas: Content Length

We've recently updated our SEO Ideas tool with a new idea that allows you to compare the word count on your webpages to that of your rivals. Read more...

Content Length Idea preview picture

SEOquake 3.4.0 Update

SEOquake, our free browser extension that displays detailed SEO parameters for any webpage on the fly, has been updated to version 3.4.0. This update introduces several usability improvements as well as a couple of curious new features! Read more...

SEOquake 3.4.0. update news preview picture

Our Hungarian Database Is Live!

We are excited to announce the launch of a new regional database for Hungary! Read more...

Hungarian Database news preview picture

SEO Ideas: Statistics Report

The latest update to SEO Ideas introduced a new 'Statistics' report that provides users with a detailed overview of their webpage optimization campaign. Read more...

SEO Ideas statistics report news preview picture

Meet the New SEMrush Navigation!

The approaching new year is sure to bring a lot of positive changes and pleasant surprises! Here's the first one we have for you — please meet our newly designed navigation interface. Go ahead — check out the new SEMrush look and feel and let us know what you think! Read more...

New Navigation news preview picture

Site Audit: URL Settings and Crawl Delay

The latest update to our Site Audit tool introduces two much-demanded features that allow users  to more finely adjust crawler settings: advanced URL parameter exclusion settings and the crawl delay feature. Read more...

Site Audit Crawl Delay update news preview picture

My Reports: Quick Branding & New Reports

The recent updates to the SEMrush My Reports tool introduced four new PDF reports along with the much requested Quick Branding feature. After defining your PDF branding settings once, you can now choose to automatically add a previously used logo and headline text to your future PDF reports. Read more...

My Reports - Quick Branding feature news preview picture

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