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SEMrush Sensor: Personal Score

SEMrush Sensor now gives you data on the Google ranking volatility of the exact keywords you’re interested in! Read more...

SEMrush Sensor Personal Score banner

Organic Traffic Insights: Position Tracking Integration

We’ve integrated the keyword export feature from Organic Traffic Insights into the Position Tracking tool. As a result, you can now compare your site’s local position for any keyword you already rank for with your competitors’!  Read more...

Organic Traffic Insights Position Tracking Integration banner

Backlinks: Quick Batch Comparison

How much is enough? You never know, including when it comes to collecting backlinks to your site and analyzing potentially useful and profitable sources. Meet the newest update to our Backlink Analytics service. Read more...

Quick Batch banner

Position Tracking: Track Multiple Devices and Locations

We are proud to add a new feature to the Position Tracking tool — Multitargeting. Now you can use it to track your website’s search visibility across multiple targetings — devices and locations — in one place. Read more...Position Tracking Track Multiple Devices and Locations banner

Ads Builder: Open Beta

Today we are excited to announce the beta release of our brand new product, which was created to carry out several functions at once. Read more...Ads Builder pic

Keyword Magic Tool: Match Types

We’ve made keyword research more precise for you — we’ve embedded Match Type filters in the Keyword Magic tool, so you can collect the most relevant keywords for your SEO or PPC campaign. Read more...

Keyword Magic tool Match types banner

Keyword Magic Tool: New Databases

We are proud to expand our Keyword Magic tool — a tool for in-depth keyword research — with new databases, which you asked us for the most. Read more...

Keyword Magic tool New databases banner

Organic Traffic Insights: Find Potential Traffic Growth Points

Organic Traffic Insights, the tool developed to disclose ‘not provided’ keywords in Google Analytics, which drive traffic to your site, now helps you find potential traffic growth points and correct your SEO strategy. Read more...Organic Traffic Insights Find Potential Traffic Growth Points banner

SEMrush Sensor: UK, ES, DE & FR Databases

We are happy to extend the reach of SEMrush Sensor — a service that tracks the volatility of Google search results on a daily basis. By popular demand, we’ve added the databases you’ve asked us for the most — now Sensor monitors UK, ES, DE & FR desktop SERPs! Read more...SEMrush Sensor: UK, ES, DE & FR Databases banner

Site Audit: Complete HTTPS Implementation Report

We are happy to inform you that we’ve completed the HTTPS Implementation report in the Site Audit tool. Now you can get a broader picture of your site’s security state, if you are migrating it to HTTPS, or monitor your HTTPS performance. Read more...

Site Audit Complete HTTPS Implementation report banner

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