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Position Tracking: Export the Landscape Report to PDF

Welcome to our regular column, ‘You wanted it, you got it.’ More and more users are finding the Position Tracking tool extremely profitable and useful, so it’s no surprise that we're getting a lot of requests to improve its functionality, including the export feature. Read more...

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AdSense Benchmark Tool: Discover the Monetization Potential of Any Site

Any website can make you a profit if you know how to monetize it. Whether you’re a blog owner wishing to turn your hobby into an income-generating asset or a publisher who has already got enough traffic but would like to get more outcome from it, it’s worth the effort. Read more...

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Backlink Tools: New Rel Attributes are On

Google has released new rel-tags which may affect your SEO. As “Nofollow Evolution”, the new Sponsored and UGC (User-Generated Content) tags are designed to identify the origin of links. Read more... SEMrush: Backlink Tools: New Rel Attributes are On image 1

Prioritize Up to 200 Websites in a Click with SEMrush Traffic Analytics Bulk Analysis

Now you can rank websites and make top lists of whatever you need in a click. With the new Bulk Analysis feature of SEMrush Traffic Analytics, you can get traffic metrics for up to 200 domains at a time by just entering their URLs in a field. Read banner

Social Media Poster: The Detailed Metrics of Your Boosts' Efficiency

Ever since we implemented the boosting feature in Social Media Poster, it’s even easier to promote your events or products and get tons of views, likes and clicks for your post. Now it’s time to bring some more convenience to this option. Read more...

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Reveal Your Competitors’ Top Pages — and Outperform Them

Finally, you can uncover any company’s digital performance in detail. The new feature of SEMrush Traffic Analytics reveals website traffic metrics for specific product, service or blog content pages of your competitors. All you need to do is click the new Top Pages tab. Read more...SEMrush: Reveal Your Competitors’ Top Pages — and Outperform Them image 1

SEMrush Content Platform: New Pricing in October

We hope you haven’t missed your chance to explore some of our SEMrush content features that we offered to all our users. We also hope you have a good feel for what SEMrush can do for your content marketing. Read more... SEMrush Content Platform - New Pricing in October banner

Reveal Top Players and Benchmark the Industry with Market Explorer

Market research can take you beyond your direct competition — and this is where Market Explorer comes to the fore. A brand-new tool by SEMrush can help you discover the top players in any industry, highlight the companies you should consider for benchmarking and reveal in-market audience interests in a click. Read more…Market Explorer banner

SEMrush Content Marketplace: Traffic-driving Content in a Few Clicks

If you’ve been with us long enough, you probably know how our product has grown — SEMrush started as an SEO toolkit as well as a keyword research solution. Read more...

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Keyword Database: Over 30% Increase

We remember the day in 2017 when we joyfully informed you that the Keyword Magic tool database exceeds       2 billion keywords, but can you imagine that with this update the US base alone began to contain more than          2 billion keywords? We are so happy and proud of this. And not only the US database, each country’s database increased. Read more...

Keyword Database - Over 30% Increase