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Local SEO reporting is often overlooked by small businesses that simply don’t have the time or resources to be producing charts and tables that probably won’t even be read. But when it comes to local SEO, data matters, and making it as simple as possible to gather and share the important figures can really make or break your chances of success. With this in mind, Semrush developed local SEO reporting tools that don't require any monotonous cutting and pasting from various sources, giving you valuable local SEO reports in just a few clicks.

Complete local SEO audit

Before you can start tracking your progress with local SEO reports, you need a clear understanding of where you stand.
Good local SEO tools quickly bring up your citation profile so you can see how well your business details have been distributed across the web, including the number of directory listings and any errors in your citations, as well as your average review rating and total reviews.
And you needn’t make any commitments to a tool to get started. Semrush’s Listing Management tool allows up to five free local SEO audits per day (per location), so you can get this first step ticked off your list today.
A local SEO report on a Pizza Hut in London

Rankings you can trust

It’s no good just typing your keywords into Google and seeing where you come out on Google’s Local Finder—you need a reliable local rank tracker .
If you’re monitoring your positions from a trustworthy, objective source, you’ve got yourself a helpful guide to making adjustments along your journey to the top.
But for small businesses that really want to outshine the competition, premium tools like Listing Management’s Heatmap go even further, mapping your positions on a grid so you can quickly identify where you might be losing business.
Heatmap, Listing Management’s premium local SEO reporting tool for tracking local positions

The super-important Google stats

Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) should be an integral part of any local SEO strategy, so it stands to reason that metrics from this pivotal platform feature in your local SEO reports.
Reviews, phone calls, profile interactions, direction requisitions… There are tons of metrics available for inclusion in your local SEO reporting on Google Business Profile alone.
Streamline your reports to track the Google Business Profile data that matters to your business with Semrush’s customizable local SEO reports.
Local SEO reporting showing Google Business Profile stats

“Spy” on the competition

Building local reviews is a cornerstone of a strong local SEO strategy, but how can you set targets for review generation if you can’t quickly see what your competitors are up to?
Instead of trawling through every platform your competitors might have reviews on, use Semrush’s Listing Management to gauge the competition’s review profile.
Because while the quality of your reviews is important, quantity also matters (according to a Semrush local SEO study ), so knowing how your competitors stack up can help you set targets for your own reviews.
A screenshot showing competitor reviews
Semrush Local is the ultimate solution for your local SEO strategy.
Local citation scan
  • Audit five locations per day.
  • See your status in the top directories.
  • Check your average rating for all reviews.
Basic Location
    All Free features plus:
  • Distribute business information to 70+ listings.
  • Suppress duplicates.
  • Consult user suggestions.
  • Track local rankings.
  • Manage your reviews.
  • Optimize for voice search.
Premium Location
    All Basic features plus:
  • Track your positions in Google Maps with Heatmap.
  • Respond to reviews directly from the interface.
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