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Speaker: Maria Kuzmina in English

Being a respectful digital marketer, you already know everything there is to know about SEMrush, because you use it daily. Well maybe not daily, but still. You love SEMrush and we love you as our loyal user, so why not make some profit from it? You might already know that SEMrush has an Affiliate Program, but if you don't or you want to learn more about it, then here is your chance! In this webinar, Maria, our Affiliate Program Manager will teach you how you can make a steady income flow by promoting SEMrush! 

In this educational webinar, you will learn ...

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Speaker: Margaret Keavney in English

At SEMrush, we believe that we've only done our job when you become successful with our software. These tutorial demonstrations are conducted in the style of a typical webinar and are designed to help current and prospective users alike navigate, understand and leverage our data in order to maximize your return on investment. Margaret Keavney will walk you through the product, touching on key data points and features as well as where to access a number of resources related to the SEMrush software. Each webinar ends with a question and answer session so come and join us for SEMrush ...

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(GMT, London, Lisbon, Casablanca)
Speakers: Randy Antin, Micha Bitton in English


In this webinar Randy Antin and Micha Bitton will discuss features on Google Adwords that digital marketers could overlook. The first overlooked ad-word feature they will discuss is advanced targeting options such as the household income tier feature. Next they will cover how to set up scripts on AdWords and how digital marketers can take advantage of different scripts. Finally, they will discuss how to implement auction insights in order to improve performance.

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(GMT, London, Lisbon, Casablanca)
Speaker: Simon Klimanov in English

Hi there! My name is Simon and I am a team lead for APAC region here at SEMrush.

During this session, I will walk you through the basics of SEMrush so you could reap all the benefits of the data it provides. We will discuss how various SEMrush metrics are being collected, what they stand for and how to use them effectively in setting up your first SEMrush campaign.

Moreover, you will:

  • Get a full understanding of what kind of data you can get through SEMrush
  • Learn how to set up your first SEMrush project 
  • Get an insight into upcoming features ...
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