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About us

years of experience
offices on two continents

Starting from 2008, we have been experimenting boldly and have developed greatly to offer the maximum possible set of tools for professionals in every possible area of Internet marketing. We have grown significantly, but we remain committed to fundamental values of SEMrush: always prioritising people over processes, adapting to changes rather than following a strict plan.

SEMrush today is a large international team of more than 900 professionals around the world.


Marketers for Marketers

SEMrush was originally created for internal purposes and for implementation of our own marketing campaigns. Since then, we have been constantly learning new things, developing and sharing our experience with others.

We create a universal platform by collecting and processing huge amounts of data to offer the best solutions for Internet marketing professionals. That is why today SEMrush is Number 1 product among search engine optimization tools.

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