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Athens, Athens, Attica, Greece

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At Datafunc, we believe in the power of data. We help you discover Business Growth opportunities, cut marketing expenses, and optimize your company's performance using Data Analytics, Automation Tools, and AI. Our partnerships include companies of various industries, with our main incentive to be the improvement of their data collection processes, the conduction of statistical analysis on the collected information, and the identification of the methods available so as to improve performance. Datafunc's goal is simple: we want to help you grow your company into something even greater than it already is! If you are interested in learning more about how Datafunc can help your business, please contact us today!
Success stories


- Marketing plan creation and optimization of budget allocation among several marketing channels - Digital marketing campaign structure specification - Implementation of data-driven attribution model - Omni-channel Data Interpretation under the Business Growth Objective


phase 1 -Acquired Mutual Understanding regarding Business Distinctiveness and particular procedures -Conducted Market Research -Structured Digital Marketing Strategy Proposal phase 2 - Tagging + Marketing Automation + Data Analytics + SEO + PPC phase 3 - CRO + Audience Intelligence


YoY Lead Generation Growth: 109% Cost per Lead Reduction: -8% per lead Conversion Rate Growth: +40% lift Branded Search Volume Growth that resulted in conversions: +141%


- Client's Logopaizoume - Stavroula Petritou ( goal was to increase Local Discoverability and Performance Marketing ROI


- On Page SEO - Google My Business optimisation - Created a Landing Page per Service - Content Marketing Consulting - Rebuilt Google Ads Campaigns


Clientele increased significantly causing 400% employee growth in 18 months


E-Learning University of Athens ( Increase 18% in Registered Students quarterly


USA,UK Market Research on Education, Omni-channel Attribution Analysis, UX analysis, Budget Re-Alocation, Social Media Management


- Redesign a Strategic Partnership & Plan with Educational Portals - Increase 38% in Registered Students quarterly - 50% decrease in Paid Ads Budget

  • $2,500 +
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  • Australia
  • Greece
  • Europe, the Middle East and Africa
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