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Advertising Toolkit
Discover the tools that will help you plan, analyze and improve your AdWords campaigns
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Advertising Research
  • Reveal your main paid search competitors
  • See the keywords they are bidding on
  • Discover examples of their live ads
  • Benchmark competitors against each other
  • Quickly estimate their PPC spends, keywords and traffic volume
  • Compare up to 5 domains at a time
  • Export your charts to share your research with clients and teammates
Keyword Gap
  • Find keywords targeted by your competitors
    but not you
  • Uncover opportunities to skyrocket your ROI
  • Research keywords in organic results, paid results, and PLA (Google Shopping) campaigns
Keyword Magic Tool
  • Build a robust keyword list from one seed keyword
  • Discover the most popular related and long-tail keywords
  • Get CPC, volume, competition level estimates in one report
PPC Keyword Tool
  • Design and optimize your Google AdWords campaigns
  • Set match types, clean keywords, remove duplicates
  • Save money by removing conflicting keywords
Keyword Ads History
  • See who's bidding on specific keywords in AdWords
  • Uncover the competitors you would face bidding on certain keywords
  • Find new ideas for your ads
Display Advertising
  • Get new insights for your campaigns, both on desktop and mobile
  • Analyze the texts and banners your competitors
    are using
  • Discover the biggest publishers in your niche
Ad Builder
  • Gain insights into your competitors' ads
  • Create your own ads in a friendly builder
  • Export keyword and ads into AdWords-friendly files
PLA Research
  • Uncover who your biggest competitors are in 
    Google Shopping
  • Analyze how they advertise their products
  • See which keywords trigger their products to show up in Google Shopping results