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A Content Marketing AMA with Clayton Wood


Have a problem with your content marketing that you just can't quite solve? SEMrush and special guest Clayton Wood are here to help.

Fear not! SEMrush and Clayton Wood are here to solve your content marketing conundrums.

The last time Clayton teamed-up with SEMrush, his presentation turned into an extended and INSANELY FUN Q&A session.

Now, we've got a whole webinar dedicated to solving the content marketing problems that are plaguing YOU, the audience! 

Reach out to our new webinar host, Patrick Whalen on Twitter with the hashtag #SEMrushWebinars and let him know your questions for Content Marketing Mastermind, Clayton Wood.


Clayton and the content minds at SEMrush will answer your questions about:

  • What defines 'solid' content
  • What makes separates 'great' writing from content that is merely good
  • How to build an ongoing narrative

Here at SEMrush, we're convinced that you need data to drive your content process--so we'll be giving you access to a FREE 15-day trial of SEMrush Guru just for attending this webinar. Neat!