Getting to Grips with AEO: Answer Engines are here to stay

Google is evolving rapidly into an answer engine, aiming to offer one single, objectively "correct" result for a given user in a given situation at a given time. This long-term ambition has started came to fruition in recent years thanks to breakthroughs in several areas, including Machine Learning, voice search, big data, big query... The SEO industry must adapt its focus to account for this fundamental change in approach by Google, Bing, Alexa et al... but also face up to the accelerating rate of change smart machines bring to the search landscape.

This is the first episode of the epic series (5 seasons, 15 episodes) hosted by Jason Barnard. Guests for this episode are Barry Schwartz, Craig Campbell, and Andy Drinkwater.

This webinar will answer many questions about the state of affairs, identify the challenges facing the industry and set the scene for the rest of the series.


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