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Surviving Panda: Tips to Save Your Rank


Most People think they are dead in the water after a google algorithm hit. However, most companies can recover if shown the little steps they can add to their daily activities which drastically improve their visitor experience as well as traffic and rank. It all comes down to surviving Google Panda. The King of SEO Geekdom, William Rock, is going to take you deep inside the Google Panda algorithm to find ways you can both survive a hit, as well as use google panda to rise through the SERPS. William will drive deep into insights like:

  • What even IS Google Panda?
  • How You can make Panda happy
  • When you can best time your adjustments

If you want to find the keywords that will save your rank after a panda hit--or look at how your competitors appease the algorithm, attendees of this webinar will have access to a FREE 30 Day trial of SEMrush Guru