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The Sky Scraper Funnel: How to Get Links, Shares and Content in 1 Process


Last Month, Authority Hacker Gael Breton blew European SEMrushers away with this webinar on how to combine your content marketing and link building processes into a single, glorious content funnel. Now, Gael is staying up late into the European night to bring the same process west of the Atlantic. 

It's time for the American side of SEMrush to get wind of the Skyscraper Funnel. 

Gone are the days of single touch interactions or single sale checkout. You always have upsales, cross sales and other means to maximise value. In this webinar, you will learn how to implement these sales principles in your link building and content promotion to squeeze more out of your promotion. This process will help you get more links, more shares and free content all in a single, glorious  funnel. Gael Breton is going to show you quite a lot, including: 

  • 1 process to implement to get more out of your link building outreach
  • How flipping guest posting will get you more links
  • How to build an army of avid social sharers for your new content
  • How to finally get out of "faux" relationship building and build real alliances with people online

Since you're going to need a lot of data analysis to execute the insights you'll get from this presentation, SEMrush will gladly give you access to a FREE 30 Day trial of SEMrush Guru!