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Aleyda Solis

international seo consultant and founder AT Orainti SLSEO consultant, author, speaker and entrepreneur. Founder of Orainti (a boutique SEO consultancy working with some of the top Web properties and brands, from SaaS to marketplaces) and co-founder of (a free remote work hub, featuring remote jobs, tools, events, guides, and more to facilitate remote work). Aleyda enjoys sharing about SEO through her blog, the #SEOFOMO newsletter, the Crawling Mondays video and podcast series and over Twitter.
7 Ways To Fail at International SEO

7 Ways To Fail at International SEO

This article offers some of the most common issues and ways to fail at International SEO and explains how you can avoid them. The lack of expertise, in regards to the above elements, is why it is not that uncommon to see international SEO processes with a variety of issues, many of which can cause a sub-optimal user experience, and the failure to obtain the desired results.
Aug 29, 2018