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Most Searched Definitions 2018

If you have ever typed the phrase “what is” into the Google search bar to see what is automatically generated next, you might be surprised if not amused by the seemingly random nature of what people search on the internet.

Nevertheless, knowing and understanding what people are curious about provides valuable insight into what common users are thinking, as well as how they are affected by the cultural and societal trends around them. That is why SEMrush took it among itself to figure out exactly which definitions people around the world were searching in Google in 2018. 

Using its elaborate keyword database, SEMrush analyzed phrases that expressed inquisitiveness such as “what is” and “definition of” to decipher what people in nine countries were most curious to learn about.

The largest native English-speaking market SEMrush analyzed was the United States, which has nearly 280 million internet users.

Top definitions searches in US (January 2018 - December 2018)


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