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Analyze Competitor Ad Budgets And Keywords

With the powerful Google Ads search tool at your disposal, you can collect insightful tips to get even more out of your marketing efforts. The Semrush Advertising Research reports help you evaluate competitor PPC spend and strategy from different angles:

Current state

See how much different advertisers in your niche are spending now. Check multiple websites from your niche to get a more complete picture. See the amount of traffic brought to your competitors’ websites through PPC


Conduct a more thorough analysis and see how competitors’ advertising spend changes throughout the year. Use these insights to distribute your budgets properly, so you won’t get caught unprepared for the high season


Explore which search terms your paid search competitors are bidding on. Get CPC and search volume estimates for these keywords, as well as competitive density to decide whether you need to bid on these keywords or not


Take a closer look at your competitors’ Google Ads campaigns to gain even more great insights. Discover which subdomains your competitors are directing their paid traffic to the most

Monitor Ad Copy And Landing Pages

Are your competitors’ ads still higher in paid search results than yours? Get an idea what you should include in your ad text to make it more appealing and win potential users’ clicks.

Live Ad Examples

The Advertising Research tool allows you to track competitors’ online advertising, giving you access to thousands of ad copy examples from your competitors and industry leaders. You can see the most used calls to action, emotional triggers and brand mentions and tweak your own ad copy based on these insights

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Amplify Your Google Ads Campaign With Powerful Data

Discover New Competitors in Google Ads

Perform an in-depth Google Ads competitor analysis to outperform your rivals. The Semrush Advertising Research Competitors report provides a list of a domain’s rivals, the number of common keywords, estimations on paid traffic, and online competitors’ ad spending

Localize Your Ad Campaigns

If you target international searchers, you should adapt your Google Ads geographically. View keywords and ad texts for over 100 countries, and in more than 20 languages. Knowing which keywords international users are searching could mean additional opportunities for bidding

Analyze your closest Google Ads competitors!

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