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Conduct a deep link analysis

What is a backlink? It is a vote for your website's trustworthiness, quality, and coolness.

Incoming links are not the only factor determining the popularity and credibility of your website, but they are still one of the most important and challenging ones. The more websites that are pointing to your site, the more reasons there are for search engines to like it, and give it more credits for a higher ranking.

As an effective backlink checker, SEMrush shows you which links are pointing to your website and helping you acquire competitive link intelligence:


  • Check incoming links for a URL, domain, or root domain;
  • Understand how authoritative a referring domain is and where it is located;
  • See anchor texts;
  • View the URLs and titles of linking and target webpages;
  • Compare inbound links' weight on competitors' domains.

By conducting a deep analysis with the SEMrush backlink checker, you will be able to improve your link building strategy and spot new referral traffic sources.


Understand referring domains' authority

Google and other search engines constantly complicate their ranking algorithms and introduce new tactics to prevent spammy resources from earning high ranks.

However, a search engines' approach to backlink estimation stays unchangeable: to value quality over quantity. Surely, it is better to have 10 quality inbound links coming from trustworthy sites than to have 50 links from untrusted web resources.

How can you distinguish between worthy backlinks and low-quality ones? The SEMrush backlink checker is here to help!

  • Check the number of external links of a linking webpage. If the page has hundreds of links, this is a warning sign that the resource might be spammy, or that you may need to remove an unnatural link.
  • See whether or not educational or governmental web sources are referring to your website. Every SEO professional knows that .edu or .gov backlinks are bombs that can boost your website in SERPs. A handful of these can make a huge difference in search results. SEMrush will show you if a website owns these types of high-quality links.
  • Discover competitors' strong authority links and see which trusted web resources refer to your domain.



Check backlinks' types

Knowing whether a backlink has a nofollow attribute is the key to understanding whether or not your domain will acquire any weight.


Every backlink identified by the SEMrush website link checker is provided with a nofollow or follow note, so you know if a link will transfer any link juice to your website. By monitoring the ratio of follow links to nofollow attributes, you can keep a balance and focus your link building efforts on increasing nice dofollow backlinks.

With the SEMrush website backlink checker, you will be able to see where your competitors' dofollow links are coming from, discover relevant industry web sources, and see if there are websites that are interested in referring to your content.

Moreover, you can see whether or not there are image, form, frame,
or text links pointing to your website.

Spot your links' geolocation

Do you know how to check where your backlinks are coming from geographically? SEMrush Backlinks tools offer geo distribution widgets--such as graphs, pie charts, and a world map--that will help you find the answer.

In addition, you can see the unique IP (Internet Protocol) addresses of referring domains, the number of domains located at each given IP address, the number of links coming from these domains, IP distributions by country as well as top-level domains' (TLD) distributions.

The SEMrush backlink checker tool now contains more than 160 billion links, and the number will only continue to grow!

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