Top 100 Most Searched Items On Amazon

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Jun 02, 20214 min read
Top 100 most searched items on Amazon

Amazon owns a massive slice of the search pie. This year the marketplace is projected to own half of all US online retail sales1 and last year, 63% of retail searches in the US started on Amazon2.

This makes Amazon the most powerful marketplace and search engine in the US for retail and ecommerce. Even more powerful than Google.

Unsurprisingly, competition is fierce, and knowing what the top searches are will help to inform your keyword search strategy and point you towards opportunities on Amazon.

What Are The Most Searched Items on Amazon?

Top 100 Amazon searches in the US (May 2021):

 Amazon KeywordSearch volumeCategory
1fidget toys2,789,767Toys
2mothers day2,007,867Gifts
3mothers day gifts1,889,956Gifts
4air fryer1,660,896Home
5led lights1,546,606Home
7summer dresses for women1,400,223Clothing
8apple watch band1,391,565Electronics
10tv stand1,331,191Home
11gaming chair1,316,067Gaming
12iphone 12 pro max case1,312,188Electronics
13nintendo switch1,282,345Gaming
14horror movies1,250,396TV/Movie
15gua sha1,229,596Health/beauty
16ps5 console1,226,950Gaming
17my orders1,225,977Amazon
18coffee maker1,225,977Home
19bluetooth headphones1,210,730Electronics
21whole foods1,173,567Food
24iphone 12 pro max1,132,876Electronics
25disposable face masks1,128,409Health/beauty
31patio furniture sets1,095,750Home
33face mask1,090,516Health/beauty
35iphone 12 case1,070,625Electronics
36iphone 12 pro case1,068,311Electronics
37solar lights outdoor1,068,311Home
38mini fridge1,060,308Home
39outdoor furniture1,059,543Home
40led lights for bedroom1,051,563Home
41car accessories1,047,539Home
45pop it1,010,780Toys
46summer dresses1,006,148Clothing
47iphone charger1,005,947Electronics
48shoe rack995,554Home
50sandals for women973,514Clothing
51mothers day gifts from daughter967,484Gifts
52swimsuit for women954,346Clothing
53pokemon cards948,376Toys
55maxi dresses for women summer935,784Clothing
56playstation 5933,890Gaming
57iphone 12927,563Electronics
60pop its920,964Toys
61bluetooth speaker913,190Electronics
62power bank908,938Electronics
64sunglasses for women904,377Clothing
65gaming pc902,926Gaming
66womens dresses899,936Clothing
67office chair898,755Home
68fidget pack895,302Toys
69outdoor rug888,361Home
70womens sandals888,361Clothing
71maternity dresses879,872Clothing
73water bottle877,301Health/beauty
74disney plus873,152TV/Movie
76swimming pool865,138Home
77ring doorbell859,120Home
78iphone 11 case853,100Electronics
79harry potter852,365TV/Movie
80iphone 11838,843Electronics
81apple watch835,178Electronics
82sunglasses for men827,808Clothing
83iphone 11 pro max826,910Electronics
85iphone 12 pro max phone case817,265Electronics
86smart watch810,869Electronics
87hbo max805,647TV/Movie
88toilet paper799,349Home
89waist trainer for women796,459Health/beauty
90star trek795,175TV/Movie
91comedy movies788,528TV/Movie
93dog bed778,497Home
96gift cards765,986Gift
98womens summer dresses763,954Clothing
99crocs sandals for women762,861Clothing
100air purifier759,725Home

Data from the Sellzone Keyword Wizard Tool, May 2021.

In the top 100 Amazon searches, product searches are split fairly evenly across the categories of toys, gaming, health, clothes and electronics. This month there has been some considerable movement in the top Amazon keywords, most likely due to Mother's day and trending seasonal searches.

Usually, you would expect to see electronics and gaming dominate all the top five most searched items on Amazon. But, this month, the outlier 'fidget toy' is still the most popular item on Amazon.

The top branded product searches on Amazon:

 Amazon KeywordSearch volumeCategory
2Apple watch band1,391,565Electronics
3iPhone 12 pro max case1,312,188Electronics
4Nintendo switch1,282,345Gaming
5PS5 console1,226,950Gaming
8iPhone 12 pro max1,132,876Electronics

Unsurprisingly, Apple products are frequently listed in the top 100 items on amazon. With 16 Apple-branded listings in the top 100 Amazon searches and five in the top 10 branded products. 

If you want to find trending searches and the most popular items, Amazon has a few useful pages that provide the information for you:

Top 100 Most Searched Items On Amazon

These pages are great as a starting point to see what is popular on Amazon, what users are buying, and what they want, to inform your keyword search strategy.

However, as mentioned above, competition is fierce, so any of the top items on Amazon are going to be difficult to compete with. If you are new to Amazon, it would be better to use these trends to look for more niche products that are variations or support the best sellers.

Use the products as seed keywords and topics to find more low competition keywords with a considerable search volume. Don’t forget, the combination of several low-volume keywords adds up to a significant amount and is far easier to achieve than one high-volume, high-competition keyword.

How Do You Find Amazon Keywords?

If you want to find the search volumes for Amazon keywords and do keyword research, you will need a specific tool as the marketplace doesn’t provide this data publicly.

Semrush now has an Amazon keyword search tool within Sellzone — its toolkit for Amazon sellers, to help you find the right keywords

If you have already used the Keyword Magic Tool, the Amazon keyword tool will be pretty intuitive to use.

Top 100 Most Searched Items On Amazon

Enter a seed keyword and the tool provides a list of suggestions that you can filter.

To find high volume, low competition keywords, just select the Competitors filter to 101-1,000 and you can see the top keywords bubble to the top.

Top 100 Most Searched Items On Amazon

Amazon doesn’t allow you to create listings for brand names other than your own. So, if you are doing research for product listings, you will need to remove the brand name keywords.

Top 100 Most Searched Items On Amazon

‘Bone conduction headphones bluetooth’ is bubbling up as a possibility of a reasonable competition level that’s achievable and with a healthy search volume.

If you’re an affiliate, you can use the tool to find opportunities. By knowing the most popular items on Amazon, you can add affiliate links to your websites with products you know there is a high demand for. In that case, you would want to include the brand names in your searches.

To help your Amazon keyword research, try out the Semrush powered Keyword Wizard tool for free over at Sellzone.

1 eMarketer 
2 Semrush

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