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Jacques Bouchard

Jacques Bouchard is a Digital Content Strategist for DragonSearch. He specializes in SEO and content strategy, with niche expertise in recruiting and also in home improvement. When not Googling his life away, you can find him on road-warrior weekend adventures, blurring the line between the culinary arts and medieval alchemy, or at home taking care of his cats, various fish tanks and garden. You can reach him via @JacquesBouchard on Twitter.

How to Create a Wikidata Page and Why it Matters for SEO

It‘s very rare that we see a new player in the SEO and Digital Arena that‘s as much a shoe-in to be a long-term player as Wikidata is. But with all the value of the medium, it‘s remained a relatively virgin frontier, one that the SEO community has left it largely untested and undocumented.
Nov 20, 2020