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Jesse McDonald

Global SEO Strategist AT IBM

Jesse McDonald is a Global SEO Strategist with IBM. During his 5 and a half year career within the SEO industry, Jesse has worked with two award-winning digital marketing agencies where he worked with businesses ranging from SMBs to enterprise/eCommerce. He is a frequent conference speaker, podcast guest, and judge of the US Search Awards. After receiving his Bachelor’s of Fine Arts with an Emphasis in Graphic Design from the University of Southern Mississippi, Jesse moved to Austin with his wife, Jennifer McDonald, to pursue a career as a print-focused graphic designer. During his quest to find a job in this field, he stumbled on SEO and fell in love with the industry, especially for how similar the graphic design and SEO skill-sets relate to each other. As the Director of SEO, Jesse helps his team develop new and innovative strategies to help their clients succeed and grow their businesses organically.