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Keyword Magic Tool

Get millions of keyword suggestions from the biggest keyword database on the market and pick the best ones for you in just a few clicks.

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How to Use Keyword Magic Tool

Easy as a pie

Keyword Magic Tool saves your time and effort on building a masterlist. Just enter a main (seed) keyword you need to rank for, choose a country, and our keyword finder will do the rest. In a span of seconds, you’ll get a comprehensive table of all possible relevant keywords and variations.

All kinds of keywords

You’ll get a myriad of related keywords grouped by clusters, types and questions provided with special filters to help you find long-tail keywords. Choose the most relevant of them by using filters and move to Keyword Manager where you can continue the work and build a masterlist.

Intuitive search history

Keyword Magic Tool stores all your search history to make research easier. You just click on the tool and see all the search queries sorted by date. You will always get fresh, accurate data to work with, even if you want to go back to an old query.

Types of Metrics Keyword Magic Tool Checks

Each keyword suggested has a range of metrics helping you evaluate its potential for achieving your goals. The numbers are always up to date.

Search Volume

The average number of monthly searches of a particular keyword over 12 months. This information will help you estimate the keyword’s value and benefit for your rankings.


The level of interest in a search query over 12 months. This metric enables you to see how often a keyword has been Googled over the last year.

Cost Per Click

The average price for a user’s click on an ad. The currency depends on the region you’re exploring. This info is helpful when you are about to run a PPC campaign and want to know the prices you’d pay.

Competitive Density

The level of PPC competition on a scale from zero to one. This metric shows the competition level in ad bidding, where 1 is the hardest.

Keyword Difficulty

Difficulty level (percentage) to outperform your competitors in Google’s top 20 organic search results. This information helps you save your time and effort and filter out highly competitive keywords in a particular niche.

SERP Features

The number of specialized search results that appear for a particular query. This metric enables you to learn if your website can acquire a SERP feature for a keyword you want.

Click Potential

The percentage of click probability for your webpage if it ranks in Google’s top 20. With this number you are able to estimate the likelihood of a user’s click to your link.

Top Competitors

The domains that occupy the top search engine results for a particular search term. You can see who is listed on the first page.

Pick the most valuable for your niche keywords and create a powerful masterlist
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Get over 14 Million Keyword Ideas

Carry out your research using one of the largest keyword databases on the market. We provide precise numbers for over 20.0 billion keywords and counting. For each of them, you get over 20 million data-driven variations – everything you need to build a robust keyword masterlist.
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Cluster Your Keywords

Use the Keyword Grouping Tool to Segment Your Keywords by Topic

All the suggested keywords are sorted into thematic keyword clusters related to your initial search topic. You can filter them by different match types, related terms, and other flexible parameters to effortlessly find what meets your needs.

Save All Your Keywords in One Place

Pick the keywords you need and save in Keyword Manager

Pick the keywords most relevant for your needs and move them to Keyword Manager. This tool serves as a keyword analyzer and compiles all the keywords you’ve chosen in one handy listing with an indication of their search volume, keyword difficulty, top competitors, and other useful metrics helping you estimate traffic potential. Most of the metrics are available in real time and can be updated in one click.

Create thematic keyword lists

You can create up to 50 dedicated lists for up to 1000 keywords each and combine these keywords from different regional databases. These lists will help you organize your workflow across multiple projects by assigning them to each individual client, website, webpage or topic.

Export your selected keywords to other Semrush tools

Continue your keyword magic and make the most of the keywords chosen. Track your success in Google and create paid campaigns.

Move the selected keywords to other Semrush tools like Position Tracking and PPC Keyword Tool to track your rankings and build successful PPC campaigns. You can send all scope of the keywords or select something specific.

Use the Best Digital Keyword Tool of 2019

Keyword Magic Tool was the winner of PubCon’s Best Digital Tool in 2019

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