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Analyze new markets and niches

Before you make a decision to expand your business to a new country or niche, get to know the market situation out there. With Market Explorer, it won’t take you more than one company’s domain entered in the search field.

  • Share of Visits Get a list of top players selected by their volume of total, direct, referral, search, social, and paid traffic.
  • All Market vs Narrow Focus Learn your chosen company’s positions in the ranking of all the relevant sites or among the closest competitors online.
  • Relevant Sites Study the full list to take note of indirect and aspiring competitors.
  • Total Traffic Trends Observe peaks and declines in the number of visits to the relevant websites and discover the market volatility season by season.
  • Market Traffic Sources Determine which traffic sources perform best in the researched market and guesstimate the budget split for digital marketing channels.

Set the industry benchmarks

The key to feasible (yet aspirational) KPIs is benchmarking. Get to know the industry standards and top players’ records before you set your own marketing goals.

  • Total Traffic Trends Compare the dynamics of one company’s website traffic to the total market trends.
  • Relevant Sites Investigate traffic-generation strategies of the market leaders and rank websites by their performance in online channels.

Gain in-market audience insights

Research your target market inside out to stay on top of their triggers and add relevant hooks to your future campaigns.

  • In-Market Audience Interests Study the topics that attract the most users in the researched segment and thus are worth targeting.
  • Market Audience Gender Check whether female or male customers are more active in your niche.
  • Market Audience Age Learn the average age of consumers in the researched field.
  • Total Traffic Trends Get to know any possible shift in demand by a single look at the changes in the volume of traffic.
Research a market
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