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Traffic Volume

  • Analyze any company’s website performance in dynamics
  • Compare traffic volume of your competitors or potential partners
  • Define leaders and up-and-coming players
  • Monitor trends
  • Learn the desktop vs mobile traffic ratio and user engagement
Reveal Any Website’s Traffic

Website Audience Insights

  • Compare your competitors’ audience with yours
  • Evaluate potential growth
  • Discover users’ preferences
  • Detect effective media placements and partnerships
  • Find platforms to connect with potential customers

Explore Any Company’s Offering, Campaigns, and Conversion with Top Pages

  • Determine top products and services, and categories on competitors’ websites
  • Reveal focus of your competitors’ digital campaigns
  • Identify the most popular blogs and content topics
  • Create relevant co-marketing assets for partners’ platforms
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Analyze Website Performance in Detail

Traffic Journey

  • Reveal the best-performing digital marketing channels
  • Get an idea of any company’s expenses on organic and non-organic promo
  • Identify your competitor’s business connections, affiliates, and your potential backlink providers
  • Figure out if a future partnership or placement can be valuable for you

Traffic Geo Distribution

  • Locate top countries where your competitors and partners are active
  • Compare any company’s online performance in different regions
  • Get new ideas and a sound foundation for broadening your presence


  • Check which sections of a researched website acquire most of the traffic
  • Get a list of your competitors’ most popular product categories and blogs
  • Check website traffic stats for each regional market separately

Bulk Traffic Analysis

  • Analyze up to 200 companies’ websites at once
  • Get benchmarks
  • Evaluate potential partners in bulk
  • Prioritize media platforms for futher outreach
Analyze any website’s traffic in detail
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