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My Reports Tool

Create visually appealing custom reports for your business with Semrush. Gather all the powerful data in one PDF

Create a report

Build reports from scratch

Brand or whitelabel your report

Share and schedule your reports

Organize all data in one place

Streamline Your Reporting Routine

Your reporting routine can cost you precious time, but it doesn’t have to be a tedious and time-consuming task.

Create custom reports or use templates

Build, manage and share custom SEO reports in a few clicks with the Semrush My Reports tool. Thanks to the drag-and-drop widgets, you can easily access any Semrush data and compile it in a single PDF. Generate reports from pre-existing templates or create your own custom template.

Automate your reporting

You can automatically send regular reports either to your team or your clients. Share your PDF via email or direct link. Your reports can be sent on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Once you’ve sent a PDF, you can use it as an SEO and marketing report template next time you need to present your results.

Build stunning reports for your team, your boss, or your client
Build your report

Track all the KPIs you need

Monitor important metrics, save and manage your reports, and visualize your data

A broad range of data

Pull data from dozens of Semrush tools, as well as Google Search Console, Google Analytics and Google My Business. Pick any one of our preset widgets and create SEO performance reports.

All your reports, organized

No more digging through endless files on your computer — build, save and manage all your reports in the tool with a user-friendly interface. Prepare SEO and marketing reports with ease.

Data visualization

A visual representation of data allows you to make a stronger impact on viewers. With the Report Builder, you can create a nice-looking report and turn endless numbers into an elegant PDF that delivers all your KPIs in a more useful way.

Customize Your SEO and Marketing Reports

Present key metrics to your clients and boss in a way they’ll understand. Relevant and engaging SEO project reports will help your customers fully grasp data.

Create a new report from scratch

Customize the content of your PDF by using drag-and-drop widgets. Add images and use structural elements (columns, text elements, titles, and page breaks) in addition to data widgets to organize the shape of your report.

Whitelabel your report

Personalize your PDF by integrating your brand information into your reports. White labeling in the My Reports tool is available with a Business subscription plan, along with other awesome benefits like template sharing.

Make your most complex data more readable and presentable

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