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Gather all the SEMrush data in one elegant custom PDF report

My Reports tool allows you to organize extensive data all in one place. You can access any data generated within SEMrush tools and reports and compile it by dragging and dropping the necessary widgets.


Send a regular report either to your management, your team or your clients. Once you’ve sent a report, you can use it as a template next time you need to present your results.


Produce custom business proposals — tailor each one of them to a specific client’s needs, and distribute them to increase your connections.


Build a complete report

Design your report using branding and commenting features

Personalize your report by inserting a logo and providing your report’s title and subtitle in the header along with any additional information.


Add comments and annotations using Report builder to accentuate specific details or highlight the main parts, so that the reader can grasp the information faster.


Break your report down into a logical sequence of data. Comment on any sectionof your report to explain the reason for a rapid spike in sales on a particular day (the launch ofa new PPC campaign, for instance), or if you want to show the results of investing in a particular online promotional activity.


Design a custom report

Share and schedule your reports to go out on a regular basis

Keep everyone updated by distributing your report. You can share your report via email or direct link.


Never miss anything: schedule your report to go out on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.


You can also design a set of pre-made templates so that anyone on your team can use them correctly and efficiently.


Design a custom report