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Build professional SEO and marketing reports for your clients and stakeholders to showcase progress

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  • Create PDF reports from scratch or start from a template

  • Combine data from Semrush, GA, GSC, GBP, and more

  • Schedule and automate recurring email reports

  • White-label and add branding

Automate Your Reporting Process
and Grow Your Business

Generate stunning PDF reports in no time

Build, manage and share your custom reports in only a few clicks.

Simply drag and drop your data into your PDF and start sharing.

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semrush monthly report generator

Automate your reporting

Set up recurring email reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Then, save your custom reports as new templates to make similar reports in the future.

Transparent reporting software to showcase progress

Client Portal provides immediate report access for clients, improving communication and saving time. You can integrate client portals into your agency website to create a custom white-label solution, enhancing client satisfaction and strengthening your brand presence.

*Client Portal is included in the Agency Growth Kit subscription and a custom website option is available with the Agency Growth Kit Advanced plan.

semrush monthly SEO report

Generate professional PDF reports today

Build your report

Track Every KPI

A broad range of data

Pull data from dozens of your Semrush tools, Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and Google Business Profile. Pick from our preset widgets and create performance reports made to impress.

All your reports, organized

No more digging through endless files on your computer — build, save, and manage all your reports in the tool with a user-friendly interface. Organize reports by client profile with the Semrush CRM.

Data visualization

Turn raw data into clean reports and deliver all your KPIs in a way that’s easy to understand.

Professional Reports From Your Brand

White-label and brand your report

  • Personalize your PDF by integrating your brand with logos, colors, and more.
  • Email your reports from a custom sender name, reply-to address, and a message with your signature.

*available with an Agency Growth Kit subscription.

Present Everything Your Way

  • Make your reports engaging and professional with one of our pre-designed themes.
  • Add images and use structural elements (columns, text elements, titles, and page breaks) in addition to data widgets to shape your progress reports.

*available with an Agency Growth Kit subscription.

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