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Case Studies

8 min read

Case Study: How an SEO Agency Helped an Artisan Bakery Increase Mobile Organic Traffic by 460%

In our SEO Reality Show series, we’ve been sharing the individual steps a partner agency took to help an artisan bakery improve their search visibility, capture quality web traffic, and convert site visitors into customers. Seven months have now passed since they started this journey, so we created this case study to share some results and insights with you.
Anna KocheguraJan 26, 2022

Case Studies

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SEO Case Study: How UK-based Agency Helped an Online Learning Platform Increase Organic Traffic by 59.5%

In the spring of 2021, we focused one of the SEO Reality Show episodes on the approach one of our agency partners, Re:signal, took to help their client, Learning with Experts, increase their organic traffic. Now that several months have passed, we want to circle back on that story and provide some results from their hard work and close collaboration.
Anna KocheguraSep 03, 2021
Franchise social media

Case Studies

12 min read

Managing a Franchise Network's Social Media: Lessons Learned From Burger King

All franchise owners should have a social media plan in place for their franchisees to avoid potential online reputation management disasters, and to keep the brand voice consistent. In this post, we will break down what Burger King did to reach social media greatness, and see a crisis that occurred anyway. See the 7-step plan that can help you avoid social media problems in the future.
Maria RaybouldJun 15, 2020
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