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How to Skyrocket Profit on Google Ads


12 min read

How to Skyrocket Profit on Google Ads (6 Best Ways)

Google Ads can either take your money like a slot machine in Vegas after your luck runs out, or catapult your business‘s profitability like a snowmaker dressing a ski slope. This article offers six Google Ads tips that come from a CEO at a debt relief company, who is Google Ads Certified and Google Ads obsessed, and who watched his business grow by 300% over the last 36 months.
Paul PaquinAug 14, 2021
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10 min read

What’s Google Advertising? A Guide to Google Ads

Google’s advertising platform — known as Google Advertising or “Google Ads” — is used by millions of businesses across the globe. In this guide, we’ll also explore its benefits, advertising costs, and what tools can help you build your first ad campaign.
Michelle OfiweApr 17, 2021
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7 min read

How To Keep Your Google Ads Costs Under Control

Google Ads can be one of the most efficient ways to attract relevant customers to your business. As is the case with many marketing pursuits, though, the question usually comes down to budget: can you afford Google Ads costs? In this guide, I will run through the process of getting started with a Google Ads PPC campaign so you can boost your digital marketing efforts in a cost-effective way.
Rob WatsonSep 25, 2020
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