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Search Engine Optimization is the backbone of any digital marketing strategy. On this page you'll find top SEO articles built for industry experts by industry experts. Covering all the hot SEO topics of the moment, explore our news, views and in-depth studies.

Whenever I'm pitching to a new lead, one question they always ask is, “How can you guarantee ROI or value?”Sure, they understand the value of content as a whole – practically everyone in marketing they’ve ever spoken to has told them they need to start considering it a crucial part of their marketing strategy. They also know how content can make their company more visible on search engines and social networks.
After reading hundreds of articles, organizing tens of Twitter chats and having thousands of conversations with SEO experts in social media, I’ve learned a lot about search engine marketing. Local businesses need SEO the most, yet often don’t know how to do it or who to call for help. In this post, I will share gold nuggets of information that I’ve learned from famous experts or discovered myself.
Last week we featured posts about International SEO, Game of Thrones-style business mistakes and another Google Panda refreshDid you miss it? See what you missed below the jump!
Google’s evolution not only affects the inner logic of search, but also the way page results look. It’s already not enough to just provide users with information; it has to be relevant, easy to reach in less time and easy to perceive.Local listings, maps, knowledge graphs, advertising – the list goes on. This recap of the latest SEMrush Twitter Chat will divulge the secrets of adapting to the new Google SERP, and getting the benefits of it.
Launching your first link building campaign can be daunting.Getting your site operational can be difficult enough, and finding ways to acquire links for your new site can seem impossible. However, links are essential to online visibility and improving visibility is crucial to the success of a new website — you must take links into account when marketing your site.

Expand Your Knowledge

Industry experts share their wealth of knowledge across a variety of different fields in our top SEO articles.

This is a continuation of the previous article, What In The World Is API and How Do I Use It? If you have read the first API article, you have a general idea of what API is and how to use it. But now, you will want to understand how to make sure when enough is enough and how to organize this data. It is important to know this information so that you do not run out of API units and that you know what to do with your raw data.
Welcome to the SEMrush Podcast! This week, we speak with Michael Stricker, Marketing Director here at SEMrush. Mike uses his background in SEO to describe how and why many businesses should consider implementing an international SEO strategy.https://soundcloud.com/semrush_webinars/international-seo-part-1-with-michael-stricker
Normally, domain authority is the key to a high-ranking in Google searches. However, for local results, Google shakes up the rankings in an attempt to give you the best local options.When Does Google Offer Local Results?Google reworks searches for local results when your query appears to be asking for a service instead of information.Here‘s an example: When I search for “oven repair tips,” Google assumes I am looking for advice on how to fix my oven myself.
Rankings are the most traditional metric used to measure success in SEO campaigns. “We rank #1” or “we’re on the first page” are declarations of a job well achieved. We’ve already covered why rankings are a red herring…so where should the focus be instead?As the point of rankings is to generate traffic, and the point of traffic is to generate conversions, let’s shift the conversation to better metrics.
In every SEO kick-off call I’ve ever had, we always have a slide that covers “SEO Expectations.” This slide explains, among other things, that while related, improving search engine rankings is secondary to increasing the quality and quality of visitors to the website.And yet, a lot of clients seemingly glaze over this point, and within a few weeks after we upload keywords into our rankings platform, they start to obsess over rankings.

Expand Your Knowledge

Industry experts share their wealth of knowledge across a variety of different fields in our top SEO articles.

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