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Set side-by-side domains' comparisons

Everyone has competition. As a website owner, or an SEO or SEM practitioner, you will agree.


Gathering competitive intelligence seems complex, time-consuming, and expensive. You can surf competitive websites, subscribe to your competitors’ newsletters, follow them on Twitter, and even read their blogs. However, despite your efforts, you still may fail to completely understand your Internet competition. Desperate, you may feel that you have no choice but to hire a professional firm or consultant to conduct extensive competitive research.

However, with the SEMrush Domain vs. Domain tool, you’re an in-house expert in a day-to-day competitive monitoring. In a few clicks, you can independently evaluate the competitive landscape in desktop or mobile index. Just enter up to five domains you’d like to compare, per attempt, and click Go.

See domains’ common and unique keywords

Do people use the same or different keywords to find both your and your competitors' products and services on the Internet? The SEMrush Domain vs. Domain tool will help you find it out.

This tool will allow you to see common keywords used on your and competitors’ domains. Moreover, you can compare websites’ positions in the SERP for each keyword. Are your online rivals ranking higher than you in organic or paid search results? Then, it is high time to optimize your content and ad strategy, and overrun your competition! Or is your website winning the ranking competition? No time to relax! You shouldn’t allow your competitors to seize your positions!

Knowing competitive domains’ unique keywords will help you discover search terms you might not have considered. Enriching your content and ads with new keywords gives you more chances to appear in the SERP next to your competitors. The larger your keyword pool, the more prospective customers you are able to reach.


Visualize data

Extensive online marketing research requires going through large amounts of data. Database mining, and Big Data analysis – do these scare you? Use the SEMrush visuals to invest a smaller amount of time, and make competitive assessments easier, and faster.


With the SEMrush Domain vs. Domain tool, you will gain insights into the competitive landscape in a glance. Based on the Venn algorithm, our diagram will provide you with a visual representation of domains’ keyword relationship.

You’ll see a colored circle for each domain, and the intersections of common keywords for them. By clicking different diagrams' parts and overlaps, you can easily scroll down to search terms you need.