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Check the search rankings of your website and discover new ways to get into Google’s top results with our keyword position monitoring tool.

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screenshot of the dashboard of the position tracking tool screenshot of the dashboard of the position tracking tool screenshot of the dashboard of the position tracking tool

Make Paid and SEO Monitoring Easy with Position Tracking

Position Tracking is a versatile keyword position monitoring tool that keeps you aware of changes in your website’s ranking on search engines.

Rankings Distribution

Use this report to compare your and your competitors’ rankings in Google’s organic top 3, 10, 20, and 100. Also, see the top paid SERP results from Google Ads.

google serp checker by ranking distribution
tags to group keywords


With the Tags report in Position Tracking, you can effortlessly segment thousands of search terms. You can also add the same keyword to different groups–each keyword can have up to five tags.

Landing Pages

This tab helps you identify the top-performing landing page of your competitor and analyze the metrics of its high-performing keywords. You can also monitor which pages have improved or declined for a particular query.

screenshot of keyword monitoring position tool for landing pages
PPC and SEO monitoring with the competitor discovery tab

Competitor Discovery

Here you can uncover the domains competing with yours for traffic. You can track their performance on a dedicated Competition Map. You’ll learn to what extent any domain ranking on Google’s top 100 competes with your website for keywords and traffic.

Devices and Locations

Monitor how a website performs across different locations and devices such as desktop, smartphone or tablet. You can also compare the search volume from different regions to one another.

Widget to check keyword ranking across devices and locations
report of featured snippets

Featured Snippets

Discover your opportunities to appear at the top of Google’s SERP with the Featured Snippets report. Set up a project to check which keywords are triggering SERP Features with search trends.

Keyword Cannibalization

Make sure your content isn’t competing with itself with the Cannibalization tab in Position Tracking. Get suggestions on how to optimize your pages to give each one the best chance at reaching the top of the SERP.

Report that tracks if keyword positions affect cannibalization

How to Use Position Tracking

To set things up, just choose a domain (or a subdomain), target keywords, location, and device. Once set, our SERP rank checker tool starts collecting the data from a search engine you’ve specified, and gives you fresh data on that domain’s positioning for the target keywords.
Landscape view of position tracking tool

Check the Landscape

Get a quick review of the campaign you’re running and track your competitors’ success. You can see all of the most important keyword metrics and trends over time.

Get a Quick Overview

The Overview tab shows you the profitable keywords you’ve chosen for your project. Here you can see detailed graphs of visibility, estimated traffic, and average position for the keywords set.

graph of visibility and share of voice
How you can create visual reports of ranking progress

Create Visual Reports

Reporting is easy with Position Tracking. Schedule standard reports to be sent to you and your client, or use the Report Builder to create custom templates.

Add your annotations and additional images to your PDFs. Or, integrate this data into Google Looker Studio and create custom reports and dashboards from there.

Track your ranking changes
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Your ultimate solution for paid and SEO monitoring

With Position Tracking, you can carry out a detailed analysis of your competitors that are driving traffic away from your website. You’ll also get precise information helping you spot new keyword opportunities for your content.

Track your positions for any keyword

Daily updated data shows you how your optimization efforts help your keyword ranking progress in paid and organic search over time. Compare competitors’ keyword rankings to yours to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses. You can also create multilingual tracking campaigns for any location you need and filter down to location-specific data.

features of the position tracking tool
reports show share of voice and visibility overall

See your share of voice and visibility instantly

Find out how to increase your brand awareness with the Share of Voice report. How much virtual real estate do you take up in comparison to your competitors? Or, toggle to the Visibility report to see how many top positions your brand ranks for on Google.

Your go-to local search rank tracker

While creating a search engine position tracking campaign with Semrush, you can add up to ten competing domains. Based on the location that you choose for your tracking campaign, the Competitors Discovery feature will show you which local competitors are ranking in Google’s top 100 results for the same keywords that you’re targeting.

See search competitors down to a local level
Check keyword rankings on desktop, mobile, and tablets

Target different devices

Choose to track your positions on desktops, tablets, or smartphones. You’ll also be able to view and compare your own positions for desktop and mobile on the same graph.

Track your rankings to move up SERPs

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