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Where Can I Manage My Users? Question

To add users or sessions to your account, please contact us via phone or email. Ask to add users or sessions to your account and we will put you in touch with an Account Executive who will walk you through the process. Contact info for your region is found in the footer of the website. 

Once you have users on your account, you can manage their limits by navigating to the Manage Accounts option under My Profile. (Please note that unless you have users on your account, you will not have access to the Manage Accounts page. )


Once you are in Manage Accounts, a list of current users will be displayed associated with your account. Your main account's email and limits will be listed at the top and each user under your account will be listed below. To distribute more limits to their account, click on the settings gear and select "Edit units"

Where Can I Manage My Users? image 2

When you select "edit units" you will be prompted with a window that shows the account's current units (limits) and the available subscription units that you can distribute to the right. Simply add or remove units from a user's account with the + and - buttons in the window. When you're finished distributing limits, hit "save."

manage-semrush-users-limitsFrom the settings gear on this page you can also:

  • Change the name, phone or email for your users (under settings gear - "Edit account")
  • Reset your user password
  • Upgrade a user to become an administrator for your account. Administrators can add, delete, or edit user accounts on the subscription.