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Do you have an affiliate program?

Do you have an affiliate program? Question

Yes, we do. We suggest potential affiliates to join BeRush, SEMrush Affiliate Program. BeRush affiliate program offers a commission of 40%.

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BeRush is a partnership based on revenue sharing, where the affiliate (you) promotes SEMrush in exchange for a commission of every sale through your promotions.

Who can become a SEMrush affiliate?

We welcome webmasters, bloggers, paid search enthusiasts, agencies, educational resources and all-around marketing geniuses!

How does it work?

We use First-click attribution for tracking users. This means a cookie file is attributed to the user when they first arrive at and our system will see this as the source of their arrival for the duration of the cookie’s life.  In BeRush’s program, we have cookie life duration of 10 years.

Therefore, if users arrive at for their first time through an Affiliate's Reference Link, they will be recorded as an affiliate user. In other cases (ex. User’s first-time visit to is from organic search and then they later visit the site from affiliate's blog) user won't be counted as affiliate's user.

Learn more about ways of promoting SEMrush products in our introduction video on YouTube.

You as an affiliate can receive 40% commission from sales of all SEMrush plans (Pro, Guru, Business). Of course, an affiliate can't have the commission for his own purchases.

Will you provide me with promo materials?

To help you with successful marketing of BeRush, we provide a variety of promo materials in 7 languages in addition to tracking, reporting, prompt monthly payments and excellent customer support.

Do you have any other benefits?

We're open to new ideas and other types of SEMrush promotion. For influencers in digital marketing, we can offer you the chance to participate in webinars in our Community section. Let us know if you have any interesting ideas!

Moreover, every month the BeRush team runs the BeRush Contest where participants have a chance to win $100 for the best content!

I am looking for another type of partnership

SEMrush company has special terms of cooperation for technical partners, agencies and educational partners. If this sounds like you, follow this link to our partners page

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