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Tim Capper

Tim Capper is the Director of Search at Online Ownership, with 10yrs experience in SEO and SEM. Having owned and operated a restaurant and hotel in the UK’s Lake District, Tim has naturally gravitated towards SEO within the travel market, both nationally and globally. Now Tim is a Google Top Contributor and a moderator in the SEO Questions community on Google+.
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A Local SEO Citation You Never Knew You Had

Looking for and obtaining local citations is often not easy, but there is one you can use right now! One that will require little work on your part and will include all the information you want about your business. Find out how to get it in this informative article by Tim Capper.
Feb 21, 2019
So You Want To Appear in Google’s Local Travel Guide

So You Want To Appear in Google’s Local Travel Guide?

I am seeing more and more questions about how to appear in Google’s local travel guide, so let‘s dive in. The first thing you will notice is that the travel guide is not available to all localities, primarily because the travel guides are data-driven; as data builds up for a locality, Google adds the travel guide.
Oct 22, 2018
A Case Study of Winning in Local SEO

A Case Study of Winning in Local SEO

Every Local SEO project is different, which means you can’t run from an SEO checklist. Find out what we did to get the results we needed in an area with tons of tourists and two major airports.
Sep 05, 2018