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FREE online SEO courseTechnical SEO course with Bastian Grimm

Understand the basics and delve further into the specifics of technical SEO with this free in-depth course from renowned SEO expert Bastian Grimm.

34 lessons

34 video lessons created in cooperation with renowned industry expert Bastian Grimm

5 hours

Get a comprehensive and detailed overview of technical SEO in just 5 hours

100% free

The course is 100% free, saving your money for the real SEO endeavors

Technical SEO Course Contents

  • Module 1. Internal Linking

    Get introduced to internal linking within website pages, how to prioritize relevant links, using link hubs, multiple linking, and the best practices for nofollow links. This is a great module for those who wish to start learning technical SEO.

  • Module 2. Crawling and Indexation: Best Practices for Controlling Web Crawlers

    In this technical SEO module with Bastian Grimm, you'll gain an understanding of search crawlers and how to optimally budget for them.

    Key points of the module:
    • Introduction to crawl budget optimization

    • The crawler landscape

    • User-Agents / Reverse-DNS

    • Robots.txt

    • Robots Meta tags

    • Canonical tags

  • Module 3. Advanced Crawling and Indexation

    You will get a deeper understanding of how to manage crawling and indexation.

    Key points of the module:
    • Strategic crawl management

    • Faceted Navigation / PRG

    • Pagination

    • X-robots header

  • Module 4. HTTP Response Codes

    You will learn about HTTP header fields, which transmit the parameters and arguments important for the file transfer via HTTP protocol.

    Key points of the module:
    • Introduction to HTTP header fields & response codes

    • 3XX: redirects (301 vs. 302, redirect chains)

    • 4XX: client-side error handling (404 vs. 410, etc.)

    • 5XX: server-side error handling and maintenance (incl. retry-after header)

  • Module 5. Log files

    Log files contain the history of every person or crawler that has accessed your website. In this module, you will learn how to deal with log files.

    Key points of the module:
    • Intro to log file auditing

    • Log file auditing tools & their differences

    • Log file auditing reports

    • Overlaying crawl & log file data for better results

  • Module 6. International SEO

    Essential for those wishing to be successful with International SEO. Learn how to help search engines easily identify your target countries and the languages you use for business.

    Key points of the module:
    • Introduction and multi-/international domain setups

    • Geo redirects & CDNs

    • Hreflang setup

  • Module 7. Web Performance

    You will get advice on how to optimize your website performance and implement HTTPS and HTTP/2.

    Key points of the module:
    • Intro to web performance optimization, Metrics / Measurements / Tools

    • Site Speed Basics: Client-side

    • Site Speed Basics: Server-side

    • HTTPS, SSL, and HTTP/2

    • Advanced site speed optimization: images, custom fonts, CRP

  • Module 8. Technology

    This is a key module of our technical SEO course. Learn what not to overlook when it comes to structured data, AMP, JavaScript SEO, and mobile-first indexing. A technical SEO checklist can be developed here.

    Key points of the module:
    • Structured Data /

    • Accelerated Mobile Pages

    • JavaScript SEO Basics

    • Google's Mobile First Indexing Intro

Who is this course for?

Whether you’ve just started doing SEO and need to familiarize yourself with technical SEO or you want to gain greater expertise in a specific technical SEO topic, this course is definitely for you. If you work as a consultant or agency side handling technical SEO topics, you should join the course to gain an understanding of technical concepts and learn how to avoid any potential issues.

About the author

Bastian Grimm is Director Organic Search at Peak Ace and a renowned expert in large-scale international SEO. Having a background in software development and more than 15 years of experience in online marketing, Bastian still hugely enjoys all aspects of technical SEO. Peak Ace is an award-winning, Berlin-based full service performance marketing agency with a strong focus on “all things search”, serving clients in more than 20 different languages.

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