5 Ways to Enhance Amazon Listings for SEO

Mark Healey

Apr 21, 20173 min read
Enhance Amazon Listings for SEO

Amazon has made some huge strides recently within innovation, brick-and-mortars, and vast search capabilities. They’re not slowing anytime soon. It’s not just an e-commerce platform, but also works double duty as a secondary search engine.

1. Evaluate Competitors

Before getting started, visit competing product pages to understand what consumers are already looking at. Having a good understanding of what your competitors are doing at all times, as well as what works for them, will alert you to the best practices and opportunities for your brand.

When it comes to seasonality, have your competitors' updated product description content, messaging and photos? If the answer is yes, they already have an Amazon SEO strategy  in place. Follow suit and do it better. People are using Amazon as a means for research prior to purchase.

2. Get The Pricing Right

Landing on the right Amazon price isn’t easy. Brands want to make money, but also don’t want to scare consumers away. Amazon is the realm of deals, yes, but remember not to get carried away with your discounts. Trust is a major factor in conversion, and discount prices are a big part of that. For example, if a product was originally set at $100, but was recently knocked down to $24.99, that might look a little odd.

While it certainly seems like the deal of the century, some may think it’s too good to be true. They may also think that the product lacks quality, then move onto another brand with a similar product. Even if that product has higher prices overall, their pricing structure doesn’t look as suspicious.

Amazon has their own Automate Pricing tool to guide you on pricing decisions.

3. Encourage Reviews

It seems obvious, but we restate it to reinforce its importance: Reviews can go a long way. Even on our own Amazon purchases, star ratings and reviews heavily affect the buying process.

Reviews do a lot more for your brand other than just support more purchases on Amazon, though. They also send good karma and spread positive content across search engines. One of the best tactics to increasing the quantity of reviews is to follow-up via email to users that recently purchased the product simply ask for a review. Potentially, you can even incentivize positive reviews. There’s a fine line when it comes to emails though. Avoid the spammy and aggressive email by sending no more than 1 to 2 emails and give customers an outlet to share any possible negative feedback directly with you, rather than them leaving a negative review.

4. Optimize Product Listings

From all the titles, ratings, number of reviews, discounts, and images they can interact with before they click a link, shoppers can decide within seconds whether they want to engage with your page or click the back button. Optimization efforts that brands put into their own site should reflect in Amazon listings due to its search capabilities.

When you earn their click, don’t lose them before they add to cart. Customers need to see your key selling point quickly. Tighten up your titles and descriptions. Get the point of the product description, brand values, and purchase benefits. A lot of users want to just skim.And remember the importance of interactive pictures.Zoom and angle variations will help solidify your product in the consumer's mind.

5. Drive External Traffic

Brands tend to forget about this tactic. The same tactics used to drive people to your site will also work to your Amazon listings. Drive targeted traffic from Facebook, AdWords, and even bloggers to Amazon product pages.

Amazon is essential for many brands today. By spending the time to properly support your listings with a few optimizations, you’ll be able to successfully compete for all multiple levels. Focus on everything as if you were the consumer. Give clear and concise messaging, competitive pricing, reputable reviews, and follow-up.

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