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See competitors’ best keywords

If content is king, keyword strategy is queen. Reaching the target audience via organic search is only manageable when you find the right keywords.

Competitive intelligence is a powerful tool that will help you find the best SEO keywords and get a higher ranking. With SEMrush Organic Research data, you can gain insights into your competitors’ organic content strategy:


Get a quick understanding of competitors’ keyword rankings, both in desktop and mobile search.
You will see all their searched terms grouped according to the domain’s position in Google’s and Bing’s top 20 organic search results (1-3, 4-10, 11-20).

Estimate the value of keywords. Compare them against main web performance indicators, such as traffic, search volume, estimate of CPC, competition, the number of search results, and trend.

View competitors’ landing pages displayed in the SERPs for every given keyword. By evaluating competitors’ web texts, you will get new ideas for your content optimization.

Discover new organic competitors


Knowledge of the ever-changing competitive landscape is crucial for your success in natural search and organic keyword optimization.

The SEMrush Competitive Positioning Map provides you an instant understanding of your direct competitors. Based on domains’ natural traffic and the number of organic keywords, this visual shows web rivals’ and your weaknesses and strengths on the web.

The SEMrush Organic Competitors Report lists domains your website is competing against in the Google or Bing top 20. By viewing such metrics as competition level, natural traffic per website, and domains’ common keywords, you will see where you are winning and if there are gaps to fill.

Observe position changes of domains

Gaining high positions in Google's and Bing's search results is challenging. Keeping these positions requires even more SEO efforts than you’d expect.

By tracking competitors’ position changes and comparing them with your own, you’ll see where your organic search tactics are winning and if there is room for improvement. Keyword rankings reflect consumer’s changes in behavior and help you to be proactive and react instantly to changing organic search trends.

The SEMrush Position Changes Report keeps you up-to-date on competitors’ domain position changes in organic search results, as well as your own. The data is available for both desktop and mobile index.

You will see which new SEO keywords helped a particular domain to enter the Google or Bing top 20 and the improved search terms that allowed the domain’s ranking to increase.


The list of lost and declined keywords will appear if a website has been ranking lower and indicate how many positions it has lost.

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