Organic Research

Learn from your rivals’ most valuable organic keywords and content and come up with your own plan to outrank them on the SERPs.

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Uncover Your Competitors' Best SEO Practices

Analyze any website’s rankings in Google’s top 100, explore your organic competitors, check what keywords bring them the most traffic, and find new opportunities for getting your webpage to the top of the SERPs

dashboard of semrush organic keywords tool
reports that show top organic keywords and position changes

See the top organic keywords

Get a full picture of a domain’s keywords and traffic across desktop and mobile devices. Explore keyword trends, estimated traffic, top position changes, SERP features, and more.

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Analyze SERP performance

Look at the real SERP snapshots to uncover your competitors’ SEO strategy.

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SERP performance report
use an organic keywords tool to follow position changes

Follow position changes

Watch domain rankings over time to spot the strengths and weaknesses of its keyword profile.

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see your organic search competitors

Analyze your key competitors

Benchmark the domains competing for the same keywords. Uncover the number of their keywords, estimated traffic, and traffic cost.

report that shows competitors' pages that are performing well

Research deeper

See your competitor’s pages in Google’s top 100. Check their traffic and the keywords they rank for.

see what keywords a competitor's subdomain ranks for

Use the keyword ranking history with advanced filters

Filter keywords by position, intent, CPC, traffic, SERP features types and more. See the month-by-month overview of the URLs. Identify the top subdomains of your competitors based on traffic and keywords.

Spot New Challenges and Opportunities

Use detailed historical data to analyze your competition

competitors report

Expand your list of competitors

Find more domains your website is competing against in the Google top 20, based on their organic traffic and keywords.

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Focus on the keywords that are worth it

Use filters to generate keyword lists for different purposes and campaigns and send them right to the Keyword Manager.

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see which keywords align with your business goals
report that shows the metrics behind your webpages

Prioritize pages that need it most

Analyze your own site to identify which of your webpages have the most valuable keywords and those that could use some attention.

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Enhance your SEO strategy with a powerful Organic Keyword Tool from Semrush

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