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Optimize Your Content for Your Target Keywords

A good piece of content meets your audience needs and is highly visible online. To make sure your copy complies with these requirements before publication, you have to take into account various parameters. And this is where SEO Writing Assistant will give you a hand. Optimize Your Content for Your Target Keywords

  • Target keywords are the core of your text, on which all the recommendations are based. You can change them at any time to get more precise tips for your content.
  • Recommended keywords are words semantically related to your target keywords. Include them in your copy to make it comply with what a reader expects when reading your content.
  • Keyword stuffing alert informs you if any keyword you target is used too frequently in your text. 
  • Linking issues warns you if any broken links are detected in your text.

SEO Writing Assistant helps you to ensure your text is perfectly structured for a target keyword and written in SEO-friendly style before publication. All the recommendations and analysis are based on your Google top 10 rivals ranking for your target keywords.


All these metrics are interactive, which means they alter on a live basis depending on changes you make in your copy.


Optimize your content

Fine-tune Your Content’s Readability

Readability is the ease with which a reader can understand a written text. The more readable a piece of content is, the more likely a user is to read through the entire text.

SEO Writing Assistant algorithm is based on the Flesch reading-ease score formula and assesses your copy under the following criteria:


Fine-tune Your Content’s Readability

  • Readability score analyzes your copy’s complexity, assigns a readability score and compares it to an average score for your top 10 rivals on Google. 
  • Words sets you a goal according to the average word count of your rivals’ content and calculates the approximate reading time of your copy based on word count.
  • Title issues warns you about the absence of a title and will advise whether it complies with Google’s guidelines.
  • Content issues identifies hard to read sentences, long words, and paragraphs in your copy.

If your copy’s readability is low, think about how the language should be changed to make it more readable for your target audience.


Check your readability

Maintain Your Brand’s Tone of Voice in Each Content Piece

Maintain Your Brand’s Tone of Voice in Each Content PieceA brand’s tone of voice is extremely important when it comes to creating content and communicating with your audience online. And the key is consistency.


SEO Writing Assistant helps you to make sure that every content piece complies with your overall brand voice. Select the preferable tone of voice goal — casual, neutral or formal — or let our algorithm identify it.


The Tone of voice feature is powered by a machine learning algorithm and thousands of human-rated pieces of text.


Not only can you see where your text lies on this scale, but you can also see your most casual and most formal sentences that stand out from the overall text, so you can change them to fit the whole copy.


Check your tone of voice

Check Your Content for Originality with Plagiarism Checker

Check Your Content for Originality with Plagiarism CheckerOriginal content is the key to attracting readers’ attention. In the effort to create it, content marketers face two challenges: 

  • finding a unique angle for popular and well-covered topics,
  • making sure content written by freelance writers is original.

The Plagiarism checker feature detects the total percentage of copied words in your text and identifies original sources of content from across the internet. 


This feature is available for all languages and is extremely useful if you want to check your own content for originality or monitor the work of your freelance or in-house copywriters.


Check your content for originality

Use Google Docs Add-on, WordPress Plugin or Work from SEMrush Interface

Use Google Docs Add-on, WordPress Plugin or Work from SEMrush Interface

SEO Writing Assistant is available as an add-on for Google Docs on Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge browsers.


You can also install SEO Writing Assistant as a Wordpress plugin


As an alternative, you can check your content directly from the SEMrush interface.


Optimize your content