Mastering Digital PR with Brian Dean

Grow your business with press coverage. Learn exactly how with this proven, repeatable, and step-by-step system.

Who is this сourse for?

The course is designed for businesses seeking to grow with PR, in any industry.

Content includes all of the advanced strategies Brian Dean used to get press coverage on major media outlets including Forbes, Inc, Fast Company, TechCrunch, and Vox, and scale up PR efforts from 1-2 campaigns per year to 1-2 campaigns per month.

What you’ll learn

Glean proven PR strategies through a free step-by-step course from Brian Dean. Explore ways to attract media attention in any industry.
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Brian Dean

Brian Dean

Brian Dean is an SEO expert and founder of Backlinko, one of the most popular digital marketing resources online (5M+ readers). Brian’s work has been featured in Inc, Fast Company, Entrepreneur, U.S. News & World Report, Success Magazine, Vox, Forbes, Fox News, The Next Web, HuffPost, TechCrunch, and dozens more major media outlets.

Course Structure


Start Here

In this lesson, you'll discover how getting your business in the paper regularly can help it grow.
1 video

The #1 way to get press right now

In this lesson, Brian shows you the #1 way to get press on demand-no matter what industry you're in.
1 video

Choose your Source Magnet topic

In this lesson, Brian explains how to choose the best topic on your list and how to refine that idea so that it works GREAT as a Source Magnet.
1 video

Decide on a source magnet format

In this lesson Brian Dean explains how to choose a format for your Source Magnet. Specifically, three potential Source Magnet format options.
1 video

Choose your data points

In this lesson, Brian teaches you to brainstorm your Source Magnet's data points.
1 video

Collect and analyze your data

In this lesson, Brian Dean teaches you how to choose compelling data points from your list and the three Master Keys of Source Magnet Data Collection and Analysis.
1 video

Source magnet alliances

In this lesson, you will learn a strategy to EASILY get data for your Source Magnet: The Source Magnet Alliance.
1 video

Prepare and organize your results

In this lesson, Brian teaches you how to organize the data that you have and prepare it for your Source Magnet report.
1 video

Outline your source magnet report

In this lesson, Brian Dean shares why it is important to make your Source Magnet Report freely available.
1 video

Write your source magnet report

In this lesson, you'll learn how to write your Source Magnet Report.
1 video

Create your visual assets

In this lesson, Brian Dean teaches you how to create visual assets for your Source Magnet report.
1 video

The commentary technique

In this lesson, you'll learn how this relatively simple strategy can lead to significantly more shares and traffic and give your Source Magnet more credibility.
1 video

The data-driven press release

In this lesson, Brian Dean explains step by step how to promote your Source Magnet using the Data-Driven Press Release.
1 video

Bonus promotional strategies

In this lesson, you'll learn best practice strategies for promoting Source Magnets.
1 video

Scale your source magnet production

In this lesson, Brian teaches you how to create a consistent design and layout for your Source Magnet reports, using a system for choosing topics and much more.
1 video

Rank for stat keywords

In this lesson, you'll learn to scale the long-term results that you get from your Source Magnet.
1 video

Course wrap-up and next steps

In this lesson, Brian Dean recaps the key takeaways from this course and gives you some big picture next steps and options for the strategies that you learned about in this program.
1 video
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