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12 Reasons Why Infographics Still Matter in SEO

Anant Patel
12 Reasons Why Infographics Still Matter in SEO

Over the last few years, Infographics have gained a lot of popularity on the Internet, especially on various social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Despite what some naysayers have stated about infographics, they continue to be a popular medium to spread awareness about your business and increase social shares.

Due to their success in delivering information quickly and simply to the targeted audience, several companies and organizations are showing their interest in infographics. An interesting and effective infographic can truly generate a large number of unique traffic to a website.

Are you curious about using infographics in your marketing efforts? Find out how infographics and SEO work together!

Infographics create the perfect message

Are you new to infographics? Well, an infographic is something that can turn a boring or complicated subject into a captivating experience. It is the most effective strategy in digital marketing to present a data or information in graphic visual form. Infographics are easily digestible bits of content that help to get your message across in the best possible manner, is visually engaging, contains an appealing subject matter and most importantly, it is supported by other engaging content across your website and social channels.

Give it a unique twist: To design an effective infographic, it is essential to make it engaging by giving it a unique touch. A unique design will surely capture the attention of your targeted audiences. Using something surprising in an ordinary bar graph or chart or presenting the information in an interesting manner will surely draw the interest of your audiences.

Never overwhelmed your audience with extraneous information: Always remember, don’t overwhelm the view with too much information at once. Your audiences will lose interest. Extensive use of images or designs and too many colors in the background may make your data hard to understand. The point of an infographic is to make data easier to understand. In today’s busy world, people want to look at short, crisp and easy to digest information otherwise they may get distracted and click somewhere else.

Keep your message bold and creative: It is important to keep your main message bold and creative. For instance, you can use different images or shapes in place of some words or letters to emphasize the meaning of your message in the most creative way.

Keep your text minimal: A page full of words can take away the interest of your audiences. Therefore, make sure to keep your infographic simple with minimal use of words. However, it is vital to provide the information that captures the attention of your audiences and gives them some piece of interesting information.

Don’t forget to add sharing buttons: In order to get your message reach across a large number of audiences, it is necessary to provide sharing buttons that allow people to share the information with their friends. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and email contact list are some of the sources through which you can get your message across throughout the world. Also, make sure that the buttons that you provide are easy to use and not too complicated.


Why are infographics still effective?

An infographic is the combination of pictures and words, which helps you in describing a complex message easily and creatively to the targeted audiences. So what's the big deal about them?

  • Infographics represent your message in an effective and visually pleasing manner, and can also sustain the attention of your readers.
  • Infographics when used together with other web elements, facilitates higher ranking in search engine.
  • Infographic makes boring and heavy topics enjoyable and easy to understand.
  • Due to the continuous advancements in the technology, a huge number of people are using smart phones to search for any kind of information or website. Infographics are one of the most effective ways to bring your content to smart phones, tables and various other devices.
  • A well-made infographic leaves a great impact on the mind of your audiences.

How SEO and infographics work hand-in-hand

From SEO point of view, infographic is still one of the most effective method of link building today. It can generate a large number of backlinks as compared to other link building methods on the web. Over the years, infographics have become more compelling! Here's why:

Effective marketing tool: Infographics have become an important digital marketing tool for online businesses and digital marketers. Even Google Trends has registered a constantly growing interest of online users in infographics as an important piece of information. The key reason behind the growing popularity of infographics is that people these days are more interested in the content with visual content as compared to a plain piece of information. Therefore, the online business owners and digital marketers can use infographics as an effective marketing tool for reaching out a large number of targeted audiences.

Helps in spreading your brand awareness: Infographics can impart important and informative information about your brand, products or services through engaging visual content. If created in a correct and precise manner, an infographic can prove to be an effective communication tool for describing your brand. According to digital marketing experts, an infographic can not only increases the brand awareness, but can also boost the website traffic by a great percentage.

Infographics are sharable and linkable: Through infographics, online digital marketers can get considerable results. An infographic retains the relevancy and can be shared easily several months after its initial publishing on a particular website.

Make your content go viral: According to a study conducted by MDG advertising, content marketing that contains visual elements can generate over 95% of views as compared to the plain content. Therefore, adding pictures and other visual elements to your content can help you to enhance its viewership and will make your content go viral.

Creates additional inbound marketing opportunities: The research for unique information and data for infographics can be reused elsewhere to generate further inbound marketing opportunities.

If you make a proper use of charts, graphs, tables, pictures and other visual elements, you can become an expert in the field of infographics. Remember, whatever content you provide in your infographics, it must be relevant and useful for your targeted audiences!

One important thing to be kept in mind is always produce a well-researched content from reliable resources as it will surely boost your online credibility. Furthermore, using attention-grabbing visual elements in your infographics can help you to generate more likes, followers and subscribers and eventually more traffic towards your website.

Anant Patel, the author of this post, is the owner of Talent Leopard. A part-time blogger and full-time SEO consultant, he has been working in SEO marketing field for over five years. His area of expertise includes SEO, blogging, online reputation management and social media marketing. You can follow him on Twitter and connect with him on LinkedIn.
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Either just recently joined or is too shy to say something.

Thanks a lot for sharing a blog on Infographics. These points will helps your website to improve your traffic and build your content linking. For better learning and improve your knowledge skills then you can join SEO Training Course in Delhi.

Either just recently joined or is too shy to say something.

Hi Anant,

Thankyou for sharing very useful & detailed information about info graphics. It just cleared all my doubts about infographics & hopefully I'll start using it soon on my website. Do you have an idea how much roughly it cost for building a nice & informative infographic? I want to use on my website [link removed by moderator]

Occasionally takes part in conversations.

In our experience infographics are a fantastic SEO startegy to generate white hat backlinks from high PR sites and blogs especially if the infographics go viral! The most important thing, is to keep them as simple as possible, and to balance the design with quality content.

Either just recently joined or is too shy to say something.

Hey I really like your infographic! looks cool. Where and how did you make it? I think my imagery is ok on my site, but it could be improved. Do you think I could make my site better through infographics? [link removed by moderator]
Anant Patel

An experienced member who is always happy to help.

Chris Allen
Hi Chris,

Your website looks perfect as per design. Just set some content on Latest Review part so that blank space will be not there.

Either just recently joined or is too shy to say something.

Anant Patel
thanks Anant! good point with the Latest Review, i will try to change that now. What did you think of the content? I'm creating a site which helps people earn money online. It's something that's growing quite quickly actually. Fingers crossed it continues to grow ;)

Either just recently joined or is too shy to say something.

Hey Anant,

Good to see you back in action. Congratulations on the guest post.

I have never used infographics myself although I have seen many around. At one stage I thought they were being over used. I enjoy them, but they are no substitute for a great post.

For me I see them like flow charts. Like you said makes heavy information easy to take in. I do like the idea of presenting a product with an infographic, you certainly have given me food for thought there.

I like that are sharable and linkable. And I have read about viral but never experienced but I guess that is what we are all aiming for. Thanks for this informative post Anant.

Anant Patel

An experienced member who is always happy to help.

Hi Rachel,

Thanks for your appriciations!!! It is true and i have experienced that in my blog as well. Infographic is more shareable and linkable source.

Hope you will use infogrphic for your blog and it will also work good for you. Let me know if you want to design infographic.
Hema Unnoop

Either just recently joined or is too shy to say something.

Hello Anant,

This is an informative post. I have recently started making use of Infographics and still brushing up on my illustrations skills. It's good to know how these infographics can actually boost the look and feel of our posts.

Using infographics can certainly work in our favor if we use it appropriately. I have seen many bloggers overdoing it and that really turns me off.

I'm surely going to use some of the points you mentioned here.

Thank you for a great post!
Wish you a great day :)
Anant Patel

An experienced member who is always happy to help.

Hema Unnoop
Hi Hema,

Thanks for appriciations!! I feel glad that my post gives you proper guidance about inforgaphics. I came to know about this fact from my own experience!!


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