Low & High Competition Buyer Intent Keyword Lists

Shelley Walsh

Apr 27, 202130 min read
Low & High Competition Buyer Keyword Lists

To find niche opportunities in buyer keywords, we reviewed our database of 20 billion queries for the lowest competition Google keyword searches filtered by keyword modifiers. The aim was to uncover untapped opportunities for a long-tail strategy.

We also reviewed high competition keywords that could offer an insight into buyer psychology and behavior as a starting point for a more high-level keyword strategy.

If you want to try searching for buyer intent keywords in your niche, use the modifiers from the tables of data below, in combination with your seed keywords in the Keyword Research Toolkit or Google Keyword Planner.

Low Competition Buyer intent Keywords List

High competition keywords may be considered valuable, but the other end of the scale is where you can find some of the best opportunities. Combine the strength of several low competition keywords and you may end up with a solid long-tail strategy that can deliver significant quick wins.

Low Competition Buyer Keywords US

Low competition buyer keywords US - affordable keywords

KeywordMSVCPC $KD %
affordable pest control1,900$6.0631.58
affordable horse racing partnership140$2.0531.89
affordable self storage1,900$5.0833.64
affordable air590$5.9735.65
affordable garage doors1,300$4.6036.22
affordable link building services880$13.7436.49
affordable custom website design110$0.0036.86
affordable roofing3,600$9.1637.74
affordable web design company210$10.1038.04
affordable roofing contractors110$15.6938.66
affordable cremation services590$3.4539.11
affordable web design880$9.7639.16
affordable web design services320$9.0839.54
affordable hearing140$2.9639.71
affordable tree390$3.8139.79
affordable heating and air1,600$7.6039.91
affordable com110$0.3340.04
affordable custom websites170$9.6440.09
affordable seo packages390$13.5740.33
affordable heating480$3.8040.4
affordable dumpster rental near me170$4.7940.78
affordable seo los angeles210$0.0041.27
affordable auto sales8,100$1.4441.34
affordable insurance agency390$9.7441.59
affordable home inspection590$4.2441.78
affordable cremation4,400$2.7641.85
affordable plumbing6,600$8.6541.87
affordable septic720$3.7642.09
affordable web design for small business210$12.9442.65
affordable septic pumping140$5.5242.97
affordable fencing company170$2.5443.31
affordable dumpster rental1,600$4.5343.81
affordable glass1,600$2.7643.96
affordable fence company720$3.1444.23
a affordable storage320$4.7244.44
affordable tax service880$4.5644.57
affordable search engine optimization210$6.5344.96
affordable seo services usa210$10.2645.17
affordable glass repair170$3.3445.26
affordable auto14,800$4.6945.31
affordable garage door service260$9.1845.38
affordable storage5,400$5.0945.44
affordable pest320$7.3045.47
affordable divorce590$3.7546.11
affordable housing management170$0.8646.11
affordable website design720$9.8646.2
affordable water1,300$3.8646.28
affordable auto glass2,900$3.0546.66
affordable locksmith near me590$5.6846.66
affordable seo company720$16.4546.74

Low competition buyer keywords US - best keywords

KeywordMSVCPC $KD %
best replica jewelry websites140$0.9440.05
best hajj packages from usa 2020170$0.0040.21
best chiropractor omaha140$4.9040.38
best lab breeders in texas140$0.0040.88
best audiobook vk170$0.0041.09
best paintball sniper rifle140$0.0041.17
best one tire & service880$2.6041.82
best paintball sniper170$0.0042.06
best realty720$2.7742.15
best sniper paintball gun140$0.0042.73
best fishing kayak under 800140$0.0042.8
best forex vps170$3.8842.95
best one tire12,100$2.2343.15
best friends hospital170$1.9143.65
best rear tine tiller under $1000210$0.0044
best brains learning center590$4.0844.88
best wet tile saw under $300170$0.5544.89
best bowling ball for hook beginners170$0.2544.91
best european doberman breeders usa320$0.0045.04
best microblading bay area140$1.3545.18
best one tire locations320$3.6045.18
best multimeter under 100170$0.2345.39
best friends vet5,400$2.4945.4
best spinning rod under 100390$0.2945.42
best epilator for brazilian1401.245.45
best fish finder under 500480$0.1345.62
best larry fanfics140$0.0045.72
best price auto glass880$3.1245.75
best online casino canada390$6.5945.8
best places to elope in colorado210$0.5945.81
best toothpaste for veneers210$0.9045.83
best divorce mediators long island320$7.1746.07
best ninjatrader indicators390$1.9746.14
best seo company in india320$7.0446.18
best fishing kayak under 700260$0.0046.18
best dental seo110$31.4946.29
best bowling ball for hook1,000$0.2546.69
best juicer for ginger390$0.4846.87
best cosmetic dentist nj210$3.7046.88
best essays review320$4.3946.99
best paintball gun under 300210$0.0047
best italian dual citizenship service140$1.0847.13
best clickfunnels bonus140$0.0047.15
best european auto repair170$0.0047.23
best water powered sump pump140$2.1047.23
best submariner replica140$5.0047.52
best acoustic guitar under $1500140$0.9847.56
best places to elope in california210$1.0147.62
best dental websites390$17.7447.65
best table saw under 300320$0.2247.7

Low competition buyer keywords US - buy keywords

KeywordMSVCPC $KD %
buy online votes140$1.0829.63
buy frozen bait online210$0.0043.97
buy beats online exclusive rights140$0.7745.02
sculplla mask buy online110$1.1445.44
buy fireworks online no minimum order210$0.2046
buy exotic carts online140$0.0046.77
buy wax online140$1.0848.56
buy gold online dubai260$1.9948.63
buy garlic online210$0.8148.95
buy concentrates online usa110$0.0049.51
buy granite remnants online170$1.4649.51
buy chestnuts online140$0.7849.84
buy bath salts online260$0.0050.54
buy dentures online320$1.9250.9
buy crackers online210$0.1751.18
buy raw milk online140$1.6851.55
buy halal meat online110$0.9252.14
buy fireworks online cheap260$0.4052.17
buy beats online1,000$0.7052.38
buy thai products online110$1.3552.41
buy custom essays online140$0.0052.61
buy avon online210$0.8152.77
buy fudge online260$0.7253
buy goat meat online1100.6853.26
buy fusion mineral paint online140$2.0953.57
buy red caviar online110$1.4153.59
buy fossils online170$0.4353.71
buy tradelines online140$0.0053.84
buy term papers online210$7.0153.87
buy baklava online170$0.5253.94
avocado buy online140$1.3654.07
buy sea urchin online110$0.8754.25
buy college essays online210$0.0054.33
buy dissertation online140$7.5254.37
buy retainers online260$3.6254.72
where to buy carts online140$0.0054.72
buy back issue comic books online140$0.6254.74
buy cherries online110$1.1854.83
best toffee to buy online110$0.7955.04
buy trophy online110$1.3155.1
buy leads online170$6.9055.23
buy carts online590$1.3355.34
buy firecrackers online110$0.5555.37
buy british food online140$0.5955.48
buy butterflies online140$0.3555.73
buy wisconsin cheese online140$0.8155.74
buy essay online cheap260$5.3855.96
where to buy insulated glass unit online390$0.8056.12
buy headstone online140$0.7056.16
buy research papers online140$6.3856.31

Low competition buyer keywords US - cheap keywords

KeywordMSVCPC $KD %
cheap oakley sunglasses china260$0.7738.37
cheap mlb jerseys china110$0.8140.35
rolex copies cheap1,300$0.0040.74
buy instagram followers cheap 10k170$0.0041
cheap custom nfl jerseys110$0.6042.02
buy instagram followers cheap $1480$0.0042.55
cheap jerseys usa1100.4742.62
cheap nfl jerseys free shipping210$0.6943.06
cheap nfl jerseys from china1,000$0.6143.48
buy tiktok fans cheap140$0.9143.92
cheap mcm bags china110$0.7044.11
cheap jumpers in san jose ca170$0.0044.46
buy instagram comments cheap110$1.0744.88
cheap nfl jerseys reddit110$0.7344.91
cheap cpn packages110$0.0045.26
buy tiktok likes cheap260$0.8845.36
cheap jordans from china1,600$1.2945.72
cheap elo boost260$1.2645.8
cheap jerseys from china2,900$0.5845.87
cheap authentic jerseys free shipping110$0.5145.95
cheap tiktok likes210$0.7746.76
cheap bastard cigars140$0.1046.8
cheap nike nfl jerseys1400.4946.8
buy youtube subs cheap110$0.0046.86
cheap authentic jerseys from china720$0.6646.89
buy youtube packages cheap170$0.0046.99
buy google reviews cheap140$0.0047.1
cheap butterflies for release near me260$0.0047.13
buy facebook likes cheap140$0.0047.21
cheap party rentals260$1.0647.25
cheap nike shoes from china paypal210$0.0047.35
buy facebook page likes cheap140$0.8047.59
cheap moonwalk rentals near me170$0.8747.61
cheap overwatch boosting170$1.1247.67
buy youtube watch hours cheap110$1.2047.67
cheap authentic jerseys720$0.4647.87
cheap butterflies for release140$0.0047.91
cheap twitter followers320$0.8647.91
cheap locksmith las vegas170$13.3048.32
cheap tiktok followers260$0.7948.35
cheap divorce in ga210$3.5648.43
cheap wholesale jordans210$1.3348.44
cheap chinese jerseys170$0.6548.55
cheap stitched jerseys140$0.4648.73
cheap tent rentals near me320$1.4348.78
buy tiktok followers cheap480$0.9348.91
cheap party bus near me260$1.0648.92
cheap taxidermy forms210$0.0049.06
buy 50k instagram followers cheap260049.08
cheap jordan shoes from china320$1.3649.19

Low competition buyer keywords US - for sale keywords

KeywordMSVCPC $KD %
alpacas for sale in virginia110$0.7926.05
alpacas for sale colorado140$0.0029.46
alpaca for sale california170$0.0031.66
alpacas for sale in ohio260$0.0032.94
miniature hereford for sale texas140$0.0033.32
alpaca for sale indiana110$0.0033.39
alpacas for sale in ky110$0.0033.87
pack llamas for sale480$0.0034.21
alpaca for sale oregon170$0.0034.37
alpacas for sale in pa170$0.8434.64
cohousing for sale260$1.2234.95
trulia townhomes for sale210$1.1335.15
llamas for sale oregon140$0.0035.32
llewellin setter for sale480$0.0035.55
alpaca for sale michigan210$0.0035.57
llamas for sale colorado170$0.0036.28
jacob sheep for sale320$0.0036.41
llewellin setter puppies for sale320$0.0036.54
drahthaar for sale210$0.0036.63
riad for sale marrakech170$0.9636.69
murray grey cattle for sale140$0.0036.88
horses for sale europe260$1.0237.13
replica red bottoms for sale uk140$0.7737.23
dorper sheep for sale in texas320$0.0037.4
land for sale bali170$0.4937.57
limousin bulls for sale140$0.0037.62
brangus bulls for sale in texas140$0.3237.71
show steers for sale in texas170$0.0037.84
katahdin sheep for sale720$0.9137.92
alpaca for sale missouri110$0.0037.93
lamancha goats for sale590$0.0037.94
show pigs for sale in texas210$0.0037.95
whitetail deer for sale320$0.6638.03
nucs for sale390$0.8538.07
cattle for sale in michigan140$0.0038.34
pointing lab puppies for sale170$0.0038.35
pump track for sale210$0.0038.43
trained dogs for sale florida140$1.9338.58
llamas for sale california170$0.0038.59
condos for sale in rocky point mexico140$0.6938.63
alpaca for sale nc260$0.0038.7
idaho pasture pigs for sale320$0.0038.72
zillow eugene oregon homes for sale590$0.4338.87
pointing labs for sale390$1.0938.89
drahthaar dog for sale140$0.0038.98
puerto penasco condos for sale320$0.2139.36
show lambs for sale210$0.0039.43
rdp for sale140$1.9139.53
shetland sheep for sale170$0.0039.59
bees for sale michigan140$0.0039.86

Low competition buyer keywords US - near me keywords

KeywordMSVCPC $KD %
riversweeps kiosk near me590$1.9729.24
hino dealer near me1,000$3.0130.28
community bands near me390$4.0032.72
rigging company near me880$5.0933.46
nutrition response testing near me480$2.2633.65
large format scanning services near me480$7.8534.44
riggers near me590$3.6734.79
stork yard sign rental near me480$1.5135.23
ornamental iron works near me480$1.8235.68
central boiler dealer near me390$1.4735.92
electric motor sales near me590$1.0735.97
centerless grinding near me390$2.6436.04
oilfield supply near me480$2.8836.14
dustless blasting near me3,600$1.5736.15
fleet services near me590$4.4836.4
tuffy near me2,900$2.5636.65
canvas shop near me1,300$1.6836.68
marine electronics near me880$3.7036.73
marine canvas near me1,000$1.4736.75
gyrotonic near me590$2.3236.79
kenpo karate near me880$2.9837.11
forestry mulching near me1,000$3.0337.14
atlas orthogonal near me590$2.4437.23
fun jumps near me480$1.8837.46
jcb dealer near me1,600$1.9937.5
tennis academy near me1,000$1.6337.57
birth photographer near me390$1.1737.65
directional boring near me480$3.2638.05
hunter jumper barns near me1,300$1.7338.06
eventing barns near me1,000$1.3738.07
vapor blasting near me480$1.3838.29
metal finishing near me880$2.6238.36
woof gang bakery near me590$2.6238.42
kendo classes near me880$1.5538.45
vending companies near me880$1.6638.65
turf farm near me1,000$3.1438.7
art associations near me500$2.1938.72
structural house movers near me720$3.9738.74
monuments near me2,900$1.5738.84
equine hospital near me480$3.8238.86
forest school near me1,000$2.6038.99
dental smiles near me480$6.2539
therapeutic horseback riding near me720$4.7639.08
glider rides near me480$0.9639.17
tang soo do near me720$2.3239.19
sportsman club near me1,300$0.0039.19
taxidermy school near me1,000$1.2439.45
crossfit kids near me880$2.4139.47
irish dancing near me1,000$1.9539.57
dove release near me880$1.5339.69

Low competition buyer keywords US - price keywords

KeywordMSVCPC $KD %
dessert table packages price140$0.0032.68
off leash k9 training prices170$1.9435.01
taxidermy price list140$0.0035.62
dessert table prices110$0.0035.67
bookkeeping price packages390$6.6336
contract screen printing prices110$1.7438.99
screen printing prices list170$1.2939.24
half hog price140$0.0039.68
lake erie fishing charters prices320$0.6239.73
gps fc48 ac price140$3.9840.17
360 photo booth rental price170$1.3940.35
bin there dump that prices210$1.9840.84
ice sculptures prices320$1.1441.18
screen printing price sheet140$2.4541.29
chs grain prices390$7.3441.91
game truck prices590$0.8441.97
mobile bartending prices110$0.7842.48
cryo t shock price110$2.2042.49
laser quest prices320$2.4442.62
wedding decor package prices110$1.0942.62
zacks stock price110$0.8542.64
competitor price monitoring260$15.1642.69
dry cleaning price list320$1.7742.71
taxidermy prices590$0.6742.8
lice clinics of america prices110$4.4842.96
t shirt screen printing price list210$1.2243.16
balloon column prices170$0.7243.45
mobile stage rental prices110$1.6143.55
farmers coop grain prices110$1.7843.57
low price glass260$2.4743.66
screen printing prices720$1.1843.67
discount oil prices210$1.7843.71
embroidery price list170$0.8043.71
video production price packages110$4.3243.78
ricoma 1501tc price110$2.2643.84
pole dancing classes prices110$1.0243.84
forestry mulching prices170$1.4243.91
price air distribution110$0.1143.91
phenix salon suite rental prices110$2.2243.94
photo booth prices390$1.1443.97
marshall price tumblr140$0.0044.02
ceramic pro packages price110$1.6544.1
french bulldog sperm price140$1.4744.1
inbody scan price170$1.9744.14
website design packages prices140$8.1044.18
1 4 beef price 20201,300$1.0644.29
oil prices springfield ma140$1.3844.35
sdwg grain prices110$0.0044.41
maternity photoshoot price210$1.1844.42
guitar repair prices140$1.6144.56

Low competition buyer keywords US - pricing keywords

KeywordMSVCPC $KD %
pet photography pricing110$1.4538.47
floral pricing calculator110$2.3039.91
web design pricing packages110$6.6040.92
real estate virtual tour pricing170$2.5241.83
senior portrait pricing170$1.0842.7
pricing pyramid real estate140$3.5242.82
real estate video pricing170$2.6443.39
gsuite pricing india110$6.0443.51
thrive cart pricing140$4.1843.89
website package pricing140$3.7044.07
ecommerce pricing intelligence110$0.0044.38
g suite pricing india110$6.0444.54
adspy pricing170$1.0144.76
drone services pricing170$1.3144.76
local seo pricing260$6.7145.19
virtual assistant pricing210$3.2945.21
gohighlevel pricing210$21.1445.77
kartra pricing plans140$4.7045.79
competitor pricing software110$112.6645.93
showit pricing390$2.1245.97
funnel scripts pricing480$1.8046.34
professional organizer pricing packages110$1.3246.42
family portrait pricing packages110$0.9546.58
social media pricing sheet pdf110$2.5146.65
social media marketing pricing packages110$3.8446.71
quilt pricing worksheet140$0.0046.99
balloon pricing chart210$0.0047.26
social media marketing pricing plans170$3.9747.29
competitor pricing data170$107.6647.33
digital marketing pricing packages320$4.5347.54
retail pricing software110$10.8447.55
family portrait pricing260$0.9348
hvac flat rate pricing book110$10.5848.17
local seo services pricing140$7.3748.35
corporate headshot pricing140$1.6048.55
answering service pricing260$36.6048.69
t shirt pricing calculator480$0.9948.76
divi pricing table140$0.0048.81
customized meal plan pricing110$1.6949.11
powder coating pricing guide260$1.1049.16
penetration testing pricing110$29.6549.33
social media pricing sheet590$2.3849.42
real estate videography pricing210$2.1149.44
health coach pricing110$2.3449.45
social media packages pricing320$3.3749.53
video production pricing110$3.2549.54
preferred pricing110$0.0049.6
bookkeeping services pricing260$8.2749.67
video production pricing sheet260$2.5349.76
click funnel pricing1,000$5.4649.77

Low Competition Buyer Intent Keywords UK

Low competition buyer keywords UK - affordable keywords

KeywordMSVCPC $KD %
affordable web design london140$5.8238.92
affordable web design390$5.6640.89
affordable seo expert170$0.0046.35
affordable wedding photography110$1.9246.69
affordable seo london390$6.2947.05
affordable website design260$6.2648.19
affordable seo packages1,000$4.2648.49
affordable seo consultant140$0.0048.85
affordable seo services1,300$5.9249.71
affordable funerals210$2.7349.86
affordable seo agency590$7.0250
affordable doors390$1.3950.33
affordable seo company1,300$9.1051.66
affordable seo1,300$5.9852.1
affordable seo services company140$0.0052.39
affordable seo marketing110$0.0052.7
affordable schoolwear320$0.0055.83
affordable warmth scheme ni320$0.5056.57
affordable dental implants260$1.8956.88
affordable angling260$0.0057.14
rent affordability calculator1,600$2.5059.12
affordable therapy london110$3.1659.35
affordable skip hire320$1.4759.8
affordable counseling140$2.1660.39
affordable housing commission110$0.0060.85
affordable machinery210$0.0061.75
affordable ethical clothing320$0.5361.84
affordable locksmith170$4.9862.29
affordable housing cornwall210$1.5662.6
affordable appliance210$0.5662.62
affordable housing northumberland170$0.9062.69
affordable auto140$0.0062.78
affordable vet near me110$1.1963.06
affordable art fair london 2020170$1.0563.37
affordable interior design210$1.1463.54
eco affordable warmth scheme590$1.2963.65
london affordable rent880$0.8763.69
affordable housing bury170$0.0063.82
affordable housing leeds140$0.0064.07
affordable cars norwich110$0.4764.11
affordable therapy140$2.6964.28
affordable cars and commercials210$1.5164.63
affordable fabrics110$0.3464.65
best affordable camera for wildlife photography140$0.4564.75
affordable cars tamworth140$1.1365.02
affordable memorials110$0.6565.1
affordable shutters320$1.9165.21
affordable luxury260065.24
affordable furniture outlet140$0.6165.25
affordable cars4,400$0.6965.3

Low competition buyer keywords UK - best keywords

KeywordMSVCPC $KD %
best fake watches uk170$0.0045.08
best font for dissertation140$4.8045.84
best soap opera ever tumblr390$0.0046.08
best time to take cbd oil260$0.0046.61
best printer for sticker printing170$1.3347.25
best headphones for classical music140$0.8247.68
best cattery near me210$0.5948.04
best hockey sticks260$0.3648.63
best longboard brands260$0.4149.17
best putter for beginners480$0.7949.49
best dramione fanfiction260$0.0049.5
best tutoring agencies london140$1.6650.11
uk best essay210$2.1150.44
best grow box for beginners110$0.3050.53
best paintball gun210$0.0050.58
best laptop for hacking140$1.4250.59
best gymnastics clubs uk140$0.0050.79
best chair for sciatica110$0.6450.9
best living room chair for back pain sufferers140$1.6851.06
best bike for overweight female uk110$0.0051.2
best printer for stickers260$1.4251.24
best dentist in nottingham140$0.8951.25
best rom website140$0.7051.34
best wood for smoking brisket170$0.0051.49
replica best watches3,600$0.2151.5
best serp tracking140$0.0051.55
best headset for csgo110$0.0051.57
best seo expert london140$0.0051.57
best places to live in toronto110$0.0051.65
best sublimation printer390$0.1351.71
best printer for vinyl stickers170$1.3351.83
best penny board110$0.1751.9
best dental implants london170$4.2751.92
best seo london110$6.1552
best violin brands140$0.3852.02
the best spinner140$0.0052.02
best dissertation writing services210$6.9352.09
best hypnotherapist london210$1.7552.15
best laptop for video conferencing260$2.7752.16
best juicer for celery320$0.3152.17
best assignment help110$0.0052.3
best dentist in bristol170$0.9352.39
best time to visit halong bay110$0.0052.39
best crossbow pistol320$0.3352.42
best fly line for trout110$0.4052.7
best welder for beginners260$0.2352.78
sap best practices140$4.0252.82
best replica watch site170$0.0052.98
best rust server hosting110$2.1952.99
best baitcasting reel110$0.0853

Low competition buyer keywords UK - buy keywords

KeywordMSVCPC $KD %
buy instagram comments uk110$0.9738.93
buy snapchat views170$0.0038.96
buy quality backlinks cheap140$0.0039.7
we buy any truck170$0.8839.8
buy tiktok followers uk320$0.6542.7
we buy any caravan880$5.1543.24
buy ip address110$2.1944.24
buy 20 instagram likes260$0.6644.5
buy youtube comments110$0.6844.58
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samsung z flip price1,600$0.8592.5
11 pro max price1,000$0.3692.48
nandos half price3,600$0.0092.48

Low Competition, High Traffic Buyer Keywords


US least comp./highest search



KD %


affordable plumbing





affordable storage





affordable cremation





dustless blasting near me





affordable roofing





monuments near me





cheap jerseys from china





affordable auto glass





affordable pest control





affordable self storage





UK least comp./highest search



KD %


paver supply near me





affordable seo services





affordable seo packages





we buy any caravan





cheap seo packages





cheap accountants





precision engineering near me





cattery prices





buy tiktok views





cheap seo services




High Competition, Low Traffic Buyer Keywords


US most comp./least search





amazon buy online





buy stamps online amazon





buy buy baby online





where to buy face masks online





cheapest 50 smart tv





aws gpu pricing





buy switch games online





nintendo switch buy games online





target buy online





best affordable robot vacuum





UK most comp./least search





best affordable cordless vacuum





best affordable tv





affordable wireless headphones





affordable eye cream





affordable printers





affordable vitamin c serum





affordable sofa beds





good affordable laptops





affordable laptops for students





affordable gym clothes




low and high competition keywords infographic for US and UK

Organic Buyer Keyword Searches with the Most Opportunity

The buyer keywords with the lowest competition and highest traffic in the US are ‘affordable plumbing’ and ‘affordable storage.’ In the UK ‘paver supply near me’ and ‘affordable SEO packages.’

The buyer keywords with the highest competition and lowest traffic in the US are ‘Amazon buy online’ and ‘Buy Buy Baby online.’ In the UK ‘best affordable cordless vacuum’ and ‘best affordable TV’.

The ‘affordable’ modifier had the highest search volumes in the low competition results.

Brands That Dominated Buyer Keyword Searches

The brands that dominated high competition searches were Best Buy, Apple, Nintendo, Google, and Zillow in the US. Ebay, Right Move, Tesco, Apple, and Netflix in the UK.

Branded products dominating high competition searches in the US and the UK were Airpod, Xbox, iPhone, and Playstation.

The Most Dominant Products Across Buyer Intent Keyword Searches

Products with the highest competition were laptops,TVs, cars, beds, face masks, and toilet paper in the US. And, cordless vacuums, cars/vehicles, bungalows, pyjamas, and gym clothing in the UK.

For the least competitive queries, results were less focused on specific products, but more on product groups. 

In the US, hobby focused items such as paintball guns, acoustic guitars, fishing kayak, frozen bait, and niche food products such as raw milk, goat meat, halal meat, and sea urchins

The UK didn’t have such obvious groups, but a mix of niche items such as longboard, putter, violins, and luxury portable toilets.

Pandemic influence was evident in the searches for goods such as toilet rolls, face masks, hand sanitizer; home furniture such as desks and patio sets, home entertainment consoles, and laptops.

Niche Opportunities with Low Competition

The low competition results surfaced some fascinating queries that suggested cultural nuances between the UK and the US. The US favored ‘butterfly release’ and the UK ‘dove release.’

There was considerable interest for animals, predominantly ‘Alpacas’ and ‘Llamas’ in the US.

The UK had a strong interest in property abroad, especially ‘cheap property in Bali and Bulgaria.’


Data was collected from 20 billion keywords in the Semrush Keyword Magic Tool database, in March 2021. 

Competition was based on the Semrush Keyword Difficulty metric — a calculation of domain authority and page authority for organic SERPs.

The most competitive results had a minimum of 1,000 monthly searches and sorted by the highest Keyword Difficulty score. Some modifiers had to be adjusted based on their results. For example, ‘affordable’ was sorted on a minimum of 100 monthly searches due to limited results.

The least competitive results had a minimum of 100 monthly searches and sorted by the lowest Keyword Difficulty score.

Lists were cleaned to remove: NSFW, religion-based queries, drugs and pharmaceutical queries, sex-related queries, ‘buy a degree’ queries, firearms and hunting queries. Direct COVID queries were also removed to avoid skewing results.

Year-based searches were removed for anything prior to 2020.

Some non-transactional keywords were also removed that were potentially skewing results, such as ‘Best Buy customer service’ related queries that dominated the ‘best’ modifier.

Any repetition from keyword variants that are grouped by Google were removed, such as multiples or country suffix. For example, ‘Rightmove houses for sale’, ‘Rightmove house for sale’, ‘Rightmove houses for sale uk.

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