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SEOquake for Online Reputation Management

Krystal Shannon

In today’s highly competitive online world, you’ll need the cutting edge to keep your brand on top. This holds especially true when it comes to helping your name or brand rank with the specific keywords you’d like to target. SEO is never an easy task thanks in part to its ever-changing requirements. But with the help of a few tools, you can keep yourself on the top of the SEO game, and also keep your brand well-managed.

Getting to Know SEOquake

One of the more effective tools to achieve this end is SEOquake. This tool is an add-on feature for the Mozilla Firefox browser primarily tasked with helping users manage SEO in a variety of ways. First and foremost, it can help webmasters to better understand and manage the particular SEO challenges of their own websites. Using SEOquake, users can both obtain and analyze a wide range of data directly related to SEO rankings. Using this information can help Internet-based promotion and SEO improvements occur more quickly and organically, saving webmasters the headaches and confusion typically associated with this practice.


The extension is helpful to both webmasters who are just getting started and already seasoned veterans. Beginners can expect to find several tools that can help them to better understand and improve SEO ranking efforts for their websites. Experts and web veterans can harness the add-on power much more directly, using the powerful add-on to fully optimize their online content and web efforts. This can help maximize SEO value and gains for truly effective promotion.

The Nuts and Bolts

While there are many SEO analysis tools available online, SEOquake distinguishes itself as a top player in many ways. The most apparent of these advantages is the wide range of features built into this one platform. With a few simple clicks, users can access data optimization and analysis reports. Using this information allows quick adjustments to SEO efforts to easily improve ranking power, authority status and keyword competence.

The best part, however, comes in the form of user customization. Again, the add-on provides the beginner user with several options that simplify the process of SEO for Internet endeavors. But the tool also allows a deeper customization element which gives veteran users significantly more power and control over how the service functions for them.

SEOquake is comprised of two primary components:

1. SEOBar

SEOBar serves as an additional toolbar for the SEOquake service. Its primary function is to give users quick and convenient access to selected term parameters for whatever page is currently open in the Firefox window. The parameters that SEOBar displays are customizable and can be enabled or disabled at the user’s discretion.

Parameter search options typically include the Google PageRank, Google Index, Google Link and similar functions for other big engines such as Yahoo and Bing. This creates a rapid and convenient method for improved analysis and improved SEO performance.

2. Defining Parameters for SERPs

Users can also analyze the value of these parameters in the search engine results page (SERP) of whichever website they’re submitting a query. SEOquake displays parameter values for each item a search result produces. Again, the parameters the user sets for analysis remain in full control of the user and are fully customizable. Users can also rank search results by those parameters in either ascending or descending order. They can also store this information into files for later data analysis.

Use with Discretion

SEOquake is a powerful tool for SEO efforts. So like always, remember that some discretion is required. Each time a user attains a value for a specified parameter, a request is sent out to Google or other search engines for that value. If a user is making multiple requests in rapid succession, he or she may inevitably get an IP ban from that specific search engine. Always remember to delete cookies and utilize proxy servers to ensure continued operations and improvements.

SEOquake is a winner thanks to its simplified approach to search engine optimization coupled with its powerful customization options for more advanced users. For those seeking online reputation management goals, the toolbar can also serve as an immense help.

SEO is one of the most critically important pieces of Online Reputation Management. The ability to customize and optimize SEOquake is why ORM companies like consistently rank so highly in search engine optimization and monitoring. In a recent review, the company’s search engine services were rated an impressive 10/10. By understanding a brand and ranking associated keywords, individual users and ORM companies alike can quickly improve their online rankings and brand image without incurring headaches in the process.

To learn more about SEOquake’s features and functions, including the privacy policy for users, visit their website. As always, make sure to read and understand all policies before opting to install this powerful and highly functional tool.

Author bio:

Krystal Shannon is the Director of Research and Development at, an ORM company based in Philadelphia, Penn. She specializes in SEO, SEM and online branding. This is her first post for SEMrush. If you want to connect with Krystal, find her on LinkedIn.

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Krystal Shannon is the Director of Research and Development at, an ORM company based in Philadelphia PA. She specializes in SEO, SEM, and Online Branding. This is her first post for SEMRush. If you want to connect with Krystal Shannon, find her on LinkedIn or check out her Completed profile.
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Thanks for the info Krystal. Although, I'm very late to the party, but just wanted to pass on something.

I recently founded ReviewPete ( ReviewPete sends a request to the customer for providing feedback via email / SMS. When they click the link they are directed to a form where we ask if they would recommend ReviewPete.

If they say yes, we show them another window that leads them to FB, Google or Yelp.

But if they say no, it redirects them to a hosted form where they can provide their feedback. This way, we avoid negative reviews and only let positive reviews pass on to where it matters 🙂
Wow. I just realize that this tool came out long way before I usually use it everyday. A thought for semrush team:
Please make a less pricing option. Below 50 dolar maybe for subscription. New blogger, from develop countries such as Indonesia will likely use this tool or maybe me to conquer the google searches in Indonesia.
I would like to use your article info in my post on [link removed by moderator] (change comma to dot if you want to visit my blog). Thanks for this awesome tool anyway and please consider my idea.
Georgi Todorov
Great post, Krystal. Actually, I've just a guide on how to get the best of SEOquake -
SEObar really is a great tool. Great first post, Krystal!
This is a great tool. Being as though I am in the middle of learning exactly all the features it has to offer, I thought this information was great.
The world of SEO is still such a new idea to lots of those business owners in the baby boomer era. With tools like this that allow easier control over SERP's this generation can join the new era of Online Reputation Management, and effectively build their brand online.
SEOquake is king when it comes to ranking on search engines! This is why the team excels each and every day!
What a good read, SEO is optimal to any business when trying to get ahead of competitor. Knowing about SEO and what each page ranks.
This was a really good article that was real helpful to beginners looking to beat out their competition
These are some great tips for those of us that may not be as well versed with SEO and ORM! With the internet constantly changing, we all need to try to keep up with each new SEO platform that becomes available.
SEOquake is a great tools and every SEO pro should have it in the tool kit. Thanks for the breakdown Krystal! Keep up the good work.
It's great to know that tools out there exist to help beginners manage their own SEO. Individuals and professionals can use these tools to better their online rankings and brand management.
For the layman, could you elaborate on what these parameters consist of and how (and why) they impact SERP rankings?
I use SEO quake on a daily basis. It is easy to follow and gives a great snapshot of the strength of an article or site.
I have been using SEOQuake for a few months now and it's benefits are numerous. Krystal really knows her stuff when it comes to SEO so I trust her opinion; thanks Krystal!
SEOquake seems to be a very useful tool for the ORM world and the fact that users can set their own parameters on SERPs makes it seem to be a very easy tool to use, as well.
SEOquake is an awesome tool! Happy to see its usefulness broken down.
I think it's great that SEOquake caters to not only beginners, but advanced users. Most software aims at one our the other. Managing SEO is crucial to ORM, so if getting behind SEOquake it must be money.
tremendous tool Krystal! very user friendly for the masses for SEO.
I've never heard a bad thing about Quake and the toolbar is one of the friendliest to use there is. This is a great breakdown of just what it offers.
Another great tool to aid us in getting to know our clients situation better and more effectively help them with their needs.
SEO Quake is awesome for beginners and pros alike. Its accessibility makes it possible for individuals to manage their own SEO to some extent.
SEOBar is a smart but user-friendly tool.
Informative article. I will definitely start using this more
I use SEOquake often and this article does a great job to describe all of its features. I will keep some of these tips in mind going forward!
This article gives great insight on the ways everyday citizens can help to promote and monitor themselves online.
SEO Quake is a great tool that I use on a daily basis. This article really explained a great deal about it and I found it very informative
The more visibility we can get, involving a particular link, the better.
I have been using SEOquake for a long time. It gives me good data I need to better service my clients.
SEOQuake is a great tool for evaluating what needs to be done in order to outrank a competing asset. I usually like to pair it with Moz's Open Explorer to get the most data possible. Definitely essential for any serious SEO.
This sounds like a great tool to help yourself monitor your search results and online reputation. One's online reputation is becoming more and more important. When someone wants to find someone to do a job, they google it. If you want to be the person doing that job, you better be showing up in those google search results in a positive way.
SEO Quake has been clutch for ORM specialists. These toolbars save me hours daily.
This is a very helpful article on a fundamental tool of SEO
SEOquake is a critical took in ORM. I think this article will be very helpful for those in the field, assuming they don't already know about it.
I'm in the process of getting to know quake, so this was informative.
I love the toolbar because I can get what I need without leaving the page and getting too far into the analytics.
I actually use SEO Quake all the time and I didn't know some of this. If the article didn't convince you, I'd definitely suggest grabbing SEO Quake if you want an in depth look at page statics or even if you're just bored, it's interesting to see.
SEO Quake is a great tool that I use daily. Glad it is getting the recognition it deserves!
Great article Krystal! I have been very happy with SEOquake over the past months.
This is a great tool to use to see the Activity on SERPS, and will definitely help any SEO become more Successful
I think that knowing about and taking advantage all the tools available, is incredibly important. Staying up-to-date on the newest forms of help is one of the keys to success for SEO.
SEOquake is a great tool. As a player in the ORM game, I use it every day when monitoring SERPs
SEO is being addressed by every company, no matter the size. This post was very concise about some need-to-know items for anyone that wants to brush up on their SEO knowledge.
I work in the online reputation space doing campaigns for some of the biggest companies in the world. The SEO Quake toolbar is one of my key tools for determining what we are really up against with negatives.
SEOquake is really an amazing tool. I like that you can customize the parameters to suit your needs.
I love my SEO Quake toolbar. Could get a good analysis of each site in one place anywhere else.
SEOquake is a valuable tool to help give deep insights into individual search results. It has helped me on numerous occasions.
Love the SEObar. Makes life so much easier to have all of that great info at your fingertips. SEOquake is something I could never do without now after having used it!
SEOquake is an amazingly useful tool for ORM. It'll be industry standard in no time.
Having used SEOquake before, I can attest to the usefulness of the tool in order to gain a better understanding of the SERP's.
As a SEO newbie, this was quite an informative article for me. Thanks.
Krystal- Great article, SEOquake seems like an awesome tool, I will definitely check it out, thanks!
I've used SEOquake for some time now, and I couldn't imagine life without it. When it comes to my research and development, the service gives me analytical support when it would otherwise be difficult to attain. Glad Krystal brought SEOquake's value to light here.
I love the SEOQuake bar. It's quick and easy to use and gives you more info than you need!
SEOquake is a great add-on to any browser! Definitely essential when tracking rankings.
Great Article! The customization feature of SEOQuake sets it apart from all other SEOtools.
SEO Quake is such a great tool to monitor your Online Reputation. SEO Quake allows you to utilize Page Rank, Domain Authority and date on inception to help effectively manage your OR.
SEOquake was an invaluable tool for me when I was just getting started in regards to understanding where things ranked in the SERPS and why.
SEOquake is so helpful to see the difficulty of certain words and how things are ranking for them.
Everyone is starting to learn how important it is to control your SEO especially when dealing with your personal or company's brand. Browsers are starting to make it easier to control SEO with tools and other service. Everyone is realizing how important it is to control your own Brand.
Krystal brings up a good tip for making sure you don't get an ip ban. Proxy servers are good way to make sure you maintain access to googles analytics
Whoa!'s search engine were rated 10/10? SEOquake sounds like a great tool.
SEO Quake is very useful. Moz is another useful tool. I happen to prefer Moz, but either way you're getting information you need. Any business owner or professional should know how their front page looks statistically.
Great tips Krystal.SEOquake is a fantastic tool for ORM.
i like it
Great tool Krystal, thanks for sharing! Do you feel that PR is still the only metric to focus on in terms of SEO performance?
This is a perfect example that one needs to use the best tools possible if they want to get the best results. As an ORM Consultant myself, I have found SEOquake to be an invaluable tool. The insight it can provide you, given you know what your doing, is amazing. Thanks for sharing this Krystal!
This is a great way to understand SEOquake and really cleared up any questions I had before reading.
I love using SEO Quake. I can see how sites rank and know how trustworthy a site is.

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