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Free Chrome Extensions Marketers

Free Chrome Extensions Marketers Should Use #Semrushchat

Many people use Google Chrome because they like it and find it easy to use. But the browser becomes even more powerful when you add specific extensions to it. For now, there are many different extensions that enhance the functionality of the Chrome browser and can, as a result, make marketers’ lives better.
Oct 10, 2016
The Role of Paid Media in Your Marketing Mix #Semrushchat

The Role of Paid Media in Your Marketing Mix #Semrushchat

Today we want to discuss in depth a certain component of the paid-owned-earned (POE) media model. In a nutshell, paid media involves paying a third party to promote your company’s content. This can help your content gain more exposure. In our latest Semrush Chat, we discussed the role of paid media in your marketing mix with our chat participants.
Aug 02, 2016
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