How can I access more databases? Question

Every paid SEMrush user has access to our original 28 regional databases. In addition to these 28 databases, we have over a hundred more regional databases that can be added to your account. 

You can add two of additional databases to your account free of charge, and if you want to add more you can contact our sales team. Go to our stats page to see the complete list of available databases and how many domains and keywords are in each database.

To add your two additional databases for free, select a desired database from the database dropdown while viewing a report.


When you query a report (other than Domain Overview or Keyword Overview) in one of these additional databases, you will see the following message below the first ten results:


Click the green button to add this new database to your account. You can add 2 of these databases to their account before seeing a prompt to contact our sales team to add another database.

To access more than 2 of the new databases with your account, please click "Request a database" and fill out the email form or contact our sales team directly at +1-800-815-9959.

To change the 2 additional databases linked to your account, send a database change request to our support team at [email protected] or call us at +1-800-815-9959.

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