What is Search Volume in SEMrush? Question

Search volume is the average number of times users searched for a keyword per month. The number you see is based on your chosen database and represents the keyword's volume on the national level.

In order to view local search volume for a keyword, you will need to set up a Position Tracking or PPC Keyword Tool campaign with a set geographic location.

The average monthly search volume for a keyword in SEMrush is measured by the amount of times the keyword was searched over the past twelve months, divided by 12. For seasonal and trending keywords, this number could be higher or lower than the average in certain months.

Search volumes for our keywords are updated on a regular basis to account for the most recent search data available. Historical data is available to research the average monthly volume of a keyword for every month dating back to January 2012.

To calculate volumes with the highest accuracy, we use machine learning algorithms and petabytes of accumulated data. The latter gives us a huge advantage in terms of the ability to train the algorithms we’ve created.

Here’s what the process of volume calculation looks like: we take training sets of data from third-party providers and overlay it with the historical clickstream data acquired from reliable sources. We forward the resulting set of data to a computing cluster and receive a computational model. Later, we apply this model to get the volumes for billions of keywords.

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