What is Search Volume in SEMrush? Question

When navigating through all the tools and reports SEMrush has to offer, you may find yourself asking “hey this is great, but what does this number actually represent?”
What is Search Volume in SEMrush? image 1Search volume displayed in SEMrush is an average monthly value in the specific regional database selected. Search volumes for our keywords are updated on a regular basis to account for the most recent search data available.

What is Search Volume in SEMrush? image 2

So, when you see an average monthly search volume for a keyword in SEMrush, it is based on the amount of times the keyword was searched over the past twelve months. For seasonal and trending keywords, this number could be higher or lower than the average in certain months.

The way we gather this data is through a proprietary method, similar to the way Google collects search volume. If you compare search volume of a keyword in SEMrush to Keyword Planner, it will most often be the same number. However, since we gather information in different methods, we cannot guarantee that we will display the same volume as Google for every keyword.

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