From determining the ROAS from sponsoring a blog post to helping your affiliates make sales, SEMrush is the perfect tool to quickly determine how to drive revenue or to know when to pass on a media buy.
Bots are the current interface fundamentally altering the way we interact with our device for a purpose. They are the new entrant joining the armada of intelligent technologies generated by the tech genius. Voice and text Bots are the new crazes to discuss when it comes to customer experience and brand image.
This article will cover everything you need to know about the basics of meta descriptions. We will talk about what they are, why they are important, and how to leverage them for your website’s SEO.
In this guide, Kevin Indig gives insight into how startups should do SEO from A to Z to acquire more users, increase brand awareness and find product-market fit faster.
AdWords script for excluding children‘s channels.
Is there a true relation between Google RankBrain, page session duration and organic ranking? Back in 2015 when Google started its snail’s pace rollout of RankBrain, a machine-learning artificial intelligence exemplar baked into the Hummingbird algorithm, many wondered how it would impact SEO rankings.
This article will talk about the SEO best practices for URLs. You will learn what a URL is, the best practices for category structure, and how to improve click through rate from search results.
SEMrush may first and foremost be known as a tool provider. At first glance, the tools may seem transparent, but by taking a closer glance, the amount of data made available goes beyond the obvious.
Structured data is information that is added to a page’s HTML markup and helps search engines to not only crawl your website, but also to understand it better. Search engines use this information to generate rich snippets; see what we learned about this process in the SEMrushchat last week.
Is it okay A/B testing more than one Landing Page element at a time? I was exhausted and annoyed, but more than anything I was embarrassed. It took me months to realize I had become the latest victim of a conversion optimization myth that still persists today.

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