Choosing Websites for Google Ads at the Google Display Network

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Apr 24, 20133 min read
Choosing Websites for Google Ads at the Google Display Network

The Google Display Network is a collection of websites on which you can place your business’ ads. There is a variety of ad types you can choose from. Furthermore, Google lets you be the captain of the ship with regards to selecting the websites your ads would be displayed on. Generally, Google isn’t known to give marketers a free hand with their campaign when talking about the sites on which the Google ads would be placed. Google’s policy has been to ensure the end user gets the best possible experience.

As the name implies, the Display Network has been created for marketers to get the chance to display their ads across the internet. They have to select the most relevant websites for this so they can reach their target audience without much hassle. Provided you know how to use Google AdSense, you won’t have any trouble placing the ads on the sites you want them to be displayed on. Even if Google knows better, you are in charge of the campaign. You should be the one calling the shots.

You have to realize the fact that Google’s services are tools which you can use to get your website to the top of the rankings and optimize your ads. Besides that, you cannot expect much more from the search engine. You can also use Semrush in conjunction with AdSense and AdWords to find the best keywords to use in your ads. Incorporating relevant and high value keywords into your ad copy increases the chances of getting more clicks. After all, a high clickthrough rate is the main aim for posting Google ads.

Coming back to the point in contention, the collection of websites on the Display Network remains your best bet when it comes to getting the most clicks. This is because Google sorts them out carefully to ensure the users genuinely interested in what those ads are offering are able to find them without hassle. If you know your target audience well and have used the right keywords in the ads, there is no reason why your ads won’t be successful.

When talking about selecting the websites you want the display ads to be placed on, you can leave the choice up to Google. Google, by virtue of being Google, will place your ads on the websites it feels are best suited for them. Sometimes, you might overlook a few potentially great websites that Google won’t. So, when you can get Google to do the job for you, why even bother with controlling the placement of the ads yourself? There is a pertinent reason for this.

Even if Google knows best, Google is mechanical. It doesn’t share the passion you have for your campaign, nor will it understand the hard work you have put in to get your campaign up and running. This is why you need to lend it the personal touch it requires. Being a marketer requires you to take a gamble sometimes and this is one of those occasions. If you manage to select the right websites on the Google Display Network for placing your ads, their click-through rate would go through the roof.

Here are some steps you can follow for choosing the websites yourself:

  • First, check the ‘let me select’ option. This lets Google know that you intend to browse the Google Affiliate Network yourself and want to choose the websites.
  • Use the Placement Tool to find your target audience online. If you already know the best websites to find your potential customers, you don’t need to use the Placement Tool. Still, if you want to use the tool, you will have to select the specific websites on which you want your ads to appear.
  • Work out the finer details of placing ads on the website. You will have to choose which specific page of the website the ads will appear on and their location on the screen. You can either go for a banner placement on the sidebar or go for a top ad. The options are numerous and you can make your pick. This is something you get only when you are selecting the advertising website manually. Google can place your ads at random, something you don’t want.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that the Placement Tool won’t let you view the entire range of websites on the Display Network. Rather than looking for a website using the tool and selecting it, find a website and then see whether it is available via the tool. That would make it much easier for you to place your ads on the very pages you want. This way, you get to retain total control of your online ad campaign and place your ads on any website you wish on the Google Display Network.

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