5 Templates for an Opt-In Form That Converts Like Wildfire

Razwana Wahid

Sep 02, 20155 min read
5 Templates for an Opt-In Form That Converts Like Wildfire

How do I get my first 1,000 subscribers?

What converts casual visitors into subscribers?

What do I write on my opt-in form that’s guaranteed to convert?

These are three questions in the forefront of every digital marketer's mind.

The money, after all, is in the list. And if you’re not making strides to build said list, you’re leaving precious money on the table.

This is where your website opt-in form comes in.

Whether it’s at the bottom of every blog post, a pop-up or a hello bar, whatever you write on it has to be convincing enough for your target audience to find handing over their email address irresistible.

Get this part wrong and you’ve lost a prime opportunity to engage with a visitor to your website.

What the majority of websites do is expect that since they’re delivering high-quality content on their site, visitors will opt-into their email list to receive more.

And they are wrong.

Because even if you provide quality content, new (and returning) visitors will still need an incentive to opt into your list. And writing ‘Enter your email address to receive our newsletter’ simply won’t cut it.

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Rather than scratching your head and wondering What, pray tell, should I write on this glorious opt-in form?, take a look at five examples of existing forms in this article.

Each example has its own handy template that you can swipe and use right now on your very own website.

Let’s go:

  1. Herd mentality

It’s human nature to follow the crowd. It’s why we prefer to wait in line to go into a crowded restaurant – the people already eating there must know something we don’t.

You can use the same theory when building your email list. After all, if 1,000 people already think you’re worth handing their email address over to, who am I to disagree?

Which is why using social proof will increase opt-ins – the bigger the number, the more likely visitors will be persuaded to opt in.

Take FirepoleMarketing.com as an example:

Opt-In Example

They clearly state how many people there are in their community.

Now, this could be a mixture of Facebook friends, Twitter followers and email opt-ins, but how can we tell?

We can’t.

In fact, we probably don’t question it, which is why this method works so well.

Try this yourself using this template:

[number] entrepreneurs have already [benefit] using [your offer]. Add your email address below and be the next one


1,000 entrepreneurs have already doubled their email list using our exclusive guide. Add your email address below and be the next one

  1. The simple thing that most people miss

If you’ve been educating yourself on marketing methods for any length of time, you’ll know that benefits trump features. It’s a proven marketing message for a reason.

So demonstrating the benefits of joining your email list is front and center for this template.

Knowing the pain points of your audience will lead you to pinpointing the perfect benefit to add to this opt-in template.

Answer these questions to get to the heart of the challenge your potential clients are facing:

  • What do your clients wake up in the middle of the night panicked about?
  • When they see the perfect solution to their problem, what is it?
  • What’s the one immediate problem they want a solution to?

The opt-in form on SocialTriggers.com has answered these questions well:

SocialTriggers Opt-In Form

This method works because it allows the audience to dream about how life could be. It’s why celebrity endorsements for products work so well – humanizing the benefit so people feel a little like the celebrity when they buy the product.

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Try this yourself using this template:

Add your email address to get your ____ [whatever they’ll receive].It’ll help you _____ [the problem they’re trying to solve]. So you’re no longer ___ [thing they hate doing].


Add your email address to get your guide to having the best year of your life. It’ll help you plan the exact steps you need to start your new business. So you’re no longer flitting from thing to thing, and finally get some clients.

  1. Be secretive

We all like to be on the inside and take a peek behind the curtain. We’re nosy by nature, which explains the popularity of sites like PostSecret and the explosion of reality TV shows.

Applying this to your business is all about shrouding your work in exclusivity and offering certain products, services and content to a select few.

This image of exclusivity will make visitors feel like they’re part of your community, and if the content you provide on your website has helped them, they’ll be eager to see the quality of the content you give to those registered on your list.

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See how it’s done on NevBlog.com:

NevBlog - Exclusivity

Would you want to miss out on 85% of his work if you liked what you read on the website?

By suggesting that the majority of his work is shared with those registered to receive emails from him, he gives the impression that they’re the ones who get the best of it.

Try this yourself using this template:

[benefit]: We reveal how, exclusively to subscribers. Add your email address and get on the inside


Get 500 subscribers in 4 weeks: We reveal how, exclusively to subscribers. Add your email address and get on the inside

  1. A little incentive goes a long way

If your website is selling products alone, then offering first time visitors an incentive to sign up to your list will not only increase your email list, but will get you more sales, too – especially when opting in results in a discounted price or special offer.

Given that an incentive is offered to new registrants only, it also increases the sense of urgency because the potential buyer will think If I don’t act now, I’ll miss out.

And when your competitors aren’t providing the same incentive, it further increases the probability of someone opting into your list to buy from you.

See what Moo.com is doing using this very method:

Moo.com Email Opt-In

Try this yourself using this template:

Order now and save [value]. [quirky comment to add personality to your opt-in form]


Order now and save $10. And then? Treat yourself to a chocolate-caramel-double-shot-latte to celebrate the win.

  1. Are you worth the sign up?

Superhero movies are popular because the hero is living the dream.

They have a cause to fight for and become leaders because of their achievements.

They’re the everyman who developed superpowers and make the rest of us mortals think: if they can do it, maybe I can, too.

When new visitors come to your website, they want to know how you can help them.

And if you were once in the same position as them and overcame the setbacks and challenges they’re facing right now, they’ll begin to trust you when you start showing them what you did.

Transfer this onto your opt-in form by boasting about what you’ve achieved in your business, in line with what your audience wants to achieve.

The website OKDord.com does this with finesse:

Superhero Opt-In

Try this yourself using this template:

I [achievement]. Want to know how I did it? Subscribe below and all will be revealed.


I got 1000 subscribers in 2 months – and you can do it faster. Want to know how I did it? Subscribe below and all will be revealed.

So there you have it – five different email opt-in form templates ready for you to use. Each one can be applied no matter what your stage of business growth.

Which one will you go with? Let us know in the comments.

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