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US Database: How Does it Work?

US Database: How Does it Work? Article

At SEMrush, we are constantly making improvements to our platform in order to better cater to our users. One of the improvements we make is the amount of keywords our databases cover. Since December 2016, our US database covers 120 million keywords on Google and analyzes the first 100 organic results for each keyword. How do we determine what keywords we include?

We gather our keywords by looking for the top keywords by search volume. The more popular the keyword is, the more likely we will carry the term. Although there is a ton of keywords covered in our system, sometimes certain keywords will be omitted due to low search volume. In order to determine if we cover the keyword you are looking for, simply search this term within the main search bar in SEMrush and you will immediately be shown all the data we have in our system on your query.

Now that you understand how we determine what keywords are included or excluded from our system, it’s important to note the way we update these keywords. We created an infographic to break down how we update these keywords to make it simpler for our users: 

US Database: How Does it Work? image 1

How It Works

In our system we update 6 million keywords every day. The top one million keywords (by search volume) in our database are always updated every day. We then select another 5 million keywords at random from the remaining 119 million keywords in our system. Since we update 6 million every day, no keyword in our database will go over a month without updated data. This system of updates assures our users that they’re receiving the most up to date information on the most valuable keywords searched on Google.

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