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SEMrush Data Update: How Does it Work?

SEMrush Data Update: How Does it Work? Article

Since December 2016, SEMrush's Google US database contains 120 million keywords and analyzes the first 100 organic results for each keyword to gather data for our Domain Analytics and Keyword Analytics reports. 

We gather these keywords by looking for the keywords that have the most search volume on Google. Basically, the more popular a keyword is, the more likely we will carry it in our database.

Although there are millions of keywords covered in our system, sometimes keywords will be omitted due to low search volume to make room for more popular/relevant keywords. In order to determine if we cover the keyword you are looking for, simply search the keyword in the main search bar in SEMrush and you will immediately be shown all the data we have in our system for your keyword in a Keyword Overview report.

This is how we gather information on what keywords domains are ranking for on the national level in our Domain Analytics and Keyword Analytics (see the infographic below). In tools like Position Tracking and Traffic Analytics, data gathering is slightly different. 

Position Tracking

If you set up a Position Tracking campaign, SEMrush will query your chosen target keywords on a daily basis in your set target area and device type and provide SERP snapshots to identify who is ranking for each keyword. This tool will allow you to track any keyword, regardless of if we have it in our own database.

Traffic Analytics

The Traffic Analytics report also gathers data slightly differently. Traffic Analytics provides estimations based on clickstream data that comes from multiple proprietary and 3rd party data sources. The data is accumulated from the user behavior of over 200 million real internet users and over a hundred different apps and browser extensions are used to collect it. With this data, we are able to provide estimations on the sources of traffic to any domain in our main database.

Domain and Keyword Analytics Update Cycle

The infographic below explains the US database Domain Analytics and Keyword Analytics update cycle.

SEMrush Data Update: How Does it Work? image 1