Google Posts offer a great way to get updates about your business in front of your customers. Find out how Google Posts work and what it takes to craft the perfect post.
This post isn’t about the importance of tags and title optimization or the basics of SEO. Instead, it is intended to provide some advanced on-page SEO techniques that are less talked about, but still significant for anyone with an online presence. To help you become an SEO expert on these issues, we invited Jenny Halasz to our SEMrushchat.
In the series of 4 short videos, A.J. Ghergich, an SEO pro and founder of Ghergich & Co. will explain how the combination of effortless techniques and the SEMrush toolkit can help you gain a lot of relevant traffic in no time. In this video, A.J. shows how to identify keywords that guarantee you a quick win and use them to the best advantage. This is the first video of the series.
How do you feel when you start a new job? Anxious, right?That’s why good employers offer some sort of formal onboarding process for new employees. This way, new employees can get a better feel for what they are getting into and set their expectations accordingly.
Remarketing is the process of bringing previous visitors back to your website to finish the conversion process – otherwise known in B2B as filling out a form. Research shows remarketing converts up to 50% more traffic than search campaigns, which subsequently converts only 2% of users. Here are 3 things to consider when optimizing your B2B remarketing campaigns.
This article takes you through the steps and best practices when adding structured Schema.org markup for your company to your website, including which format to use, what information you should provide (and why), how to choose a category, how to push your markup further, how to test your markup, and several little-known tips and tricks that will lift your markup above your competition‘s.
Direct website visits are usually assumed to be the result of higher SERP positions, not vice versa. And yet site visits is exactly what our study named the most important Google ranking factor among those we analyzed. Moreover, we traded correlation analysis for the Random Forest algorithm. We would like to reveal the details of our methodology and bust some popular misconceptions, so that you can safely rely on our takeaways.
Semantic search will continue to shape the way marketers build their content strategy. So, understanding the future of semantic search will allow you to optimize your articles for a specific intent and achieve success in the SERPs. See the recommendations Dido Grigorov & our #SEMrushchat audience discussed last week.
We recently ran a Facebook ad campaign for a client and found that over a five month period we had potentially reached the highest ad group frequency we had ever seen, 95.68. So how high can an ad frequency go and still convert?
Google recently completed the rollout of its new ‘Google for Jobs’ feature. That has major implications for some digital marketers; especially those involved with search marketing or SEO.
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