Five Interesting Facts About Our Japanese Database

Mike Isaac

Jun 25, 20152 min read
Five Interesting Facts About Our Japanese Database

Japan is the latest country to be added as a database to Semrush. As the Semrush Director of Digital Marketing Michael Stricker stated, “Japan represents the fourth-largest online population of any country in the world, and it has a mobile penetration of over 90 percent.” To hear more on his thoughts and the announcement of the release of the Japanese database, check out the news announcement posted on our blog.

To get into the spirit of International SEO Week, I have compiled a list of 5 interesting facts from our newest international database.

1. There are websites with the extensions “” and “.jp"

When searching through the Japanese database, you will notice that there are either “” and “.jp” versions of websites. Unless you are expecting this in your competitor research, you may need to look a little harder to find websites based on this parameter. It is possible that most websites only have one single version with a language selector rather than creating multiple versions of a website for different databases. However, this is different than other databases. For example, in the UK database, all domains have the “” and don’t have any other unique forms.

2. #9 SEMrush Rank — is 16

Here is another interesting piece of information. has a higher Semrush Rank than its Japanese version, As you may or may not know, Semrush Rank is determined by Organic Search Traffic. This reveals that more people in Japan are using (English version) rather than

3. Top 5 domains based on Semrush Rank

  • #5 Semrush Rank
  • #4 Semrush Rank
  • #3 Semrush Rank
  • #2 Semrush Rank
  • #1 Semrush Rank

As you can see, there is a difference in the website type as described in the first fact. Although this is the Japanese database, still some English versions of these sites are within the top results. It is most likely that these users are changing their language setting on these English sites and that these websites do not offer a Japanese version. However, another interesting fact is that Yahoo is the main search engine used in Japan, beating out Google.

Also, (3.4m keywords) ranks for more keywords than (1.2m keywords) does. This means that Wikipedia is ranking for more keywords within the top positions than Yahoo does, even though there is such a difference between both domains in keywords they rank for.

This shows us that Google Plus is not as prevalent in the Japanese database than it is in the US database. This does not mean that nobody uses this at all. This is stating that based on the 6 million keywords we have in our Japanese database, Google Plus does not show up within the top results for any of those keywords. For any more information on why no data shows up, check out our blog post further explaining this.

5.’s Ad Copies are all in English is currently bidding on 45 keywords through the data Semrush has gathered. However, their Ad Copies report reveals that their ads are in English. It does not appear that they use one Japanese ad in the Japanese database. However, if you review their Advertising Research Positions Report, you can see that they are currently bidding on Japanese keywords.

There is plenty more to find in our Japanese database that you may want to research for your business or even for a personal use. We also just recently launched our India database that you may find helpful as well.

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